Presidents Race Facts & History

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  1. it’s well known by all that teddy roosevelt is an extremely athletic man, right? he founded numerous initiatives for activities outdoors and in nature… exhorted boys to be active and manly… just go read his quotes on the monument at teddy roosevelt island. There is something wrong… someone is putting something in his food to sedate him, or something.

  2. It’s well known that the TRUE stadium race is, of course, the fine racing sausages of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You guys can have your little Presidents thing, that’s cool, we can share. I hear Pittsburgh races some dumplings or something – a little too “food” for comfort, but again, the good people of Wisconsin will be benevolent.

    But you call up the website that rated your race the best in the country and demand a recount. Pay some respect to your elders!

  3. Personally, I think racing Presidents is just a little more plausible that racing sausages. I mean seriously, I’ve never seen a sausage even run before.

  4. You can’t really call those computer-generated go kart races “presidents’ races,” though. Hamilton got the ten dollar bill, but not the presidency.

  5. I don’t know what’s better – racing prezs or racing sausages….But they’re both pretty freakin’ sweet. I’d like to see a spectacle like that at Coors field, but I’m not sure what they’d trot around.

  6. As a lifelong “TR” fan, I’d like to post my theory on Teddy’s seemingly endless losing streak. I believe his first race victory will come once the Nationals make their inaugural appearance in the playoffs. The anticipation of finally seeing him win, from a public relations perspective, would be best viewed in the light of post-season play. Sadly, this means, we will be waiting for Teddy’s moment of glory for quite some time. I’d also like to point out (thank you Andrew) that Teddy has beaten the Orioles Bird in a head-to-head race, but this victory was not counted as it was deemed an exhibition. Keep the faith Gnats fans! Teddy and our hometown nine will be victorius!

  7. It’s a shame that one of our greatest presidents is portrayed as a buffoon. I realize that it is meant to be in good fun but I grew up admiring TR and his many diverse accomplishments. Back on Long Island, we visited his summer home, “Sagamore Hill” in Oyster Bay. He was obviously influencial enough as a statesman to be enshrined on Mt. Rushmore. Yet in DC, we see him as some sort of punchline to a joke. Totally disgraceful!!!!!

  8. If the Nats really want to end their perpetual loosing streak and are willing to try anything, how about abandoning the Teddy always loosing schtick, and let him win? Maybe a future where both Teddy and the Nats are winners is an easier one to get to than any of the Nats winners, Teddy still a loser future . . .

  9. Ladies and gentlemen. What we have witnessed here is something that will be talked about for many years and will come to be known as the “Curse of Colonel Roosevelt.” The Washington Nationals will not achieve success on the field until AFTER the curse is broken, not before as some have suggested by TR winning a post season Presidents race. There will not BE a post season until TR is vindicated.

  10. Taken out by a pirogie! I am afraid TR does not desrve to win if he can be knocked out by a potato dumpling. This is the true disgrace.

  11. Senator — with respect, you need to know that Teddy is NEVER going to win this race. Too many things going against it.

    First of all, is TR himself. Several times, I’ve seen Teddy in the lead, then veer into the stands to talk with some voter who beckoned to him — irresistible to any politician. Another time he wanted a hot dog. Although a great hunter and outdoorsman, he is kind of clumsy. He has tripped over bats, tarps, gloves — and once over nothing. A blade of grass, I think.

    Second, as long as great Americans like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln trip him … shove him aside …ellbow past him .. step on his heels — he cannot win. Once, the noble Thomas Jefferson pulled Teddy down from behind by the collar! In football, it would be a personal foul. In politics, all’s fair.

    Senator, Teddy Roosevelt will simply NEVER win this race. Between his own varying attentions, and his surprisingly less than scrupulous opponents, he simply can’t.

    Ask Victoria’s Secret to sell full-coverage khaki jump suits … ask the birds to fly backward … ask the Man in the Moon to kiss the Sun … ask Barry Obama to be responsible, truthful, and fair – and to take responsibility for a 16 Trillion Dollar Deficit … but don’t ever expect Theodore Roosevelt to win that foot race at Nationals Park. The Laws of Nature, Physics, and Politics just won’t have it!


  12. Jeez, do I stand corrected!

    Teddy just won!! For the first time! Last day of the 2012 season!

    [too bad, it was a great gag — for Teddy to never win….]

    I bet he NEVER wins again….

  13. One great aspect about the President’s Race, besides showing icons of this great country cheating and winning by pushing downing the other guy (you know, getting ahead by any means – – something we need to teach the children), is it adds in a big way to the carnival atmosphere of Nationals Park. Baseball can only survive by offering more than baseball. The 7th inning stretch needs to include a tractor pull in center field.

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