coupon codes for Teddy fans to say farewell to Nick Johnson

Washington Nationals ticket coupon code for Teddy fansThe Washington Nationals have once again released a coupon code “for Teddy’s friends”, good for next week’s home series vs. the Florida Marlins.

It will be the Marlins first trip to Nationals Park with their new first baseman Nick Johnson, who was traded by the Nationals at today’s trading deadline. Expect the Nationals Park crowd to use the ocassion to wish this “original Nat” a fond farewell.

Order online at using Coupon Code “TEDDY” and get half-price tickets in select outfield box seats, outfield corner, or mezzanine seats for $15.00 to $18.00 each. The coupon code is valid only for online orders only.

Teddy crosses first, is disqualified for riding motor scooter

Perhaps Teddy was inspired by recent events.

Perhaps, just 2 days after “honest” Abe Lincoln pushed and cheated his way to victory, avoiding disqualification while knocking down his opponents, Teddy Roosevelt concluded that the judges weren’t paying attention.

Of course, he could have picked a more subtle way to cheat.

Teddy Roosevelt rides a motor scooter in the presidents race at Nationals ParkOn Sunday, before a crowd of 20,747 at Nationals Park, Teddy pulled out one of his old tricks, coming from behind aboard a motor scooter, passing the other presidents and leaving them in the dust.

Screech, of course, ignored the roar of the approving crowd and disqualified Teddy immediately. Abe Lincoln, sensing opportunity, paced the other presidents and was granted the win.

Photo by Flickr user say71

Presidents go down quickly, Teddy notches loss #250

With Garrett Mock on the mound against the San Diego Padres, the Washington Nationals and Teddy Roosevelt followed similar patterns tonight at Nationals Park, barely getting out of the gate before blowing any chance they had for victory.

Teddy quickly locked up his 250th consecutive presidents race loss when he collided with Thomas Jefferson at the starting gate, leaving only George Washington to challenge Abe Lincoln. Abe took care of things from there, knocking George to the ground to clear his path to the finish line as Screech looked on.

Is “Judge Screech” in Abe Lincoln’s pocket? He’s disqualified Teddy for far less. Why hasn’t Screech ever disqualified “Honest” Abe?

Coach Ron SimmsNote: We were thrilled to see Section 128 usher Ron “Coach” Simms back in action tonight at his familiar post. Coach reports that under Doctor’s orders, he’s not allowed to dance on top of the dugout during “Sweet Caroline” for at least a few more weeks, but he’s looking great and on the mend. Welcome back Coach!

Nats pitching delivers again, Teddy does not

The Washington Nationals starting pitching delivered another outstanding effort tonight as the Nationals road a superb outing by Craig Stammen to take the rubber match of the 3-game series vs. the New York Mets. Unfortunately, the effort appeared to offer little inspiration to racing president Teddy Roosevelt.

Abe Lincoln showed his colors tonight, breaking away but then stopping to taunt Teddy Roosevelt, who was running a distant second. Just when it seemed that Abe might let Teddy win, he turned to cross the finish line for his 22nd victory of the season.

CoachNationals Park regulars may notice something missing from the usual festivities this week. I hope you’ll join me in sending your best get well wishes to Ron “Coach” Simms, intrepid usher from section 127-128, known to most Nationals fans as the guy who dances on the dugout and leads the crowd during “Sweet Caroline.” “Coach” is recuperating from heart surgery. I’m told he is doing well and hopes to be back in the stands soon.

Vote for Teddy in the SneakerBall Awards

The SneakerBall AwardsThe Greater Washington Sports Alliance is hosting it’s 6th annual SneakerBall gala on September 15, honoring the best of sports in the greater Washington, DC region, and for the first time, voting for the organization’s SneakerBall Awards has been opened to the public.

The categories cover athletic performance, franchise leadership, community sponsorship and media coverage, but the one that attracted our attention was “Best Team Mascot,” in which Teddy Roosevelt got the nomination over actual Nationals mascot Screech.

Fans can VOTE HERE through September 4th.

Teddy wears “astronaut helmet” to commemorate moon landing

Nationals presidents race observers have no doubt come to expect our fab four to commemorate notable cultural events during their nightly 4th-inning ritual. All fans of Teddy Roosevelt can do is hope that the burden is shared by Abe, George, and Tom.

Teddy Roosevelt wears space helmet to commemorate moon landing during the Washington Nationals presidents raceNot so Monday night.

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, Teddy Roosevelt concocted a makeshift astronaut helmet out of aluminum foil. Teddy’s vision impared by the “helmet,” he was no match down the stretch for George Washington, who took the victory to move into a tie for 2nd place with Thomas Jefferson in the season standings.

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Nichols of Nats News Network.
Video by YouTube member TheTeddyRoosevelt

Abe Lincoln taunts racing presidents

The Washington Nationals teased the home crowd of 36,000 fans who showed up at Nationals Park on Saturday night to see the Nats take on the Chicago Cubs. Much as Teddy Roosevelt has done throughout the season in the presidents race, the Nationals took a big lead and had victory in sight more than once, but repeatedly failed to deliver.

Perhaps wanting to spare the home crowd from multiple tortures, Teddy teased no one tonight. In the 4th-inning presidents race, Abe Lincoln pulled in front early and never trailed, building a margin comfortable enough to let him turn and taunt his fellow presidents before crossing the finish line.

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