2011 Results & Highlights

Final presidents race standings from the 2011 season at Nationals Park:

Final 2011 Presidents Race Standings

There were three races in 2011 with two winners (the relay races on 5/2, 5/19, and 6/25). There were a total of 83 races in 2011, including one extra home make-up game, one official extra innings race, and the race on 9/24 in which outfielder Jayson Werth was declared the winner.

Abraham Lincoln 30
Thomas Jefferson 30
George Washington 23
Jayson Werth *1
Teddy Roosevelt 0

2011 Presidents Race Highlights

3/31 ATL George/Tom Teddy falls as George/Tom split opening day relay
4/2 ATL George/Tom George & Tom take 2nd team race aboard tandem bikes
4/3 ATL Abe Teddy has Abe beat, but is clotheslined by George & Tom
4/12 PHI George Teddy wears makeshift cosmonaut helmet, but can’t see
4/13 PHI Tom JFK makes his first appearance at Nationals Park
4/14 PHI Abe Phillies fan reaches from stands, hits Thomas Jefferson
4/15 MIL Tom Presidents plow through “un-racing sausages”
4/17† MIL George Guest mascots tackle “un-racing sausages”
4/17 MIL Abe Teddy barbeques sausages on the field
4/26 NYM Abe “That Cat” returns to Nationals Park, tackles Teddy
4/27 NYM George “Botox” presidents return, Abe slams into Teddy
4/28 NYM Abe Teddy knocks Jefferson to the ground
4/29 SF Abe Teddy dresses for the royal wedding
4/30 SF Abe Teddy dives for the finish line
5/1 SF Abe Classic presidents return, Abe comes from behind to win
5/2 SF George Presidents introduce new “patriotic” jerseys
5/13 FLA Abe Presidents wear hockey masks for Friday the 13th
5/14 FLA Abe Teddy races in fishing gear vs. Florida Marlins
5/15 FLA Tom Teddy knocks out Abe Lincoln
5/16 PIT Tom Teddy misses race waiting in line for a $1 hot dog
5/27 SD Abe Abe pays tribute to Randy “Macho Man” Savage
5/28 SD Abe Jayson Werth shows disgust as Abe wins again
5/29 SD George Teddy sustains late lead but George wins at the tape
5/30 PHI Abe Amid much speculation about a Teddy victory, he loses
5/31 PHI George Teddy fades, George dances across the finish line
6/1 PHI Tom Teddy wins aboard a Segway, and is disqualified
6/14 STL Tom Tom cheats, plows into Abe, gets victory anyway
6/15 STL George That Cat, Rally Penguin aren’t enough on Lobster Day
6/16 STL George Teddy goes off-course into the outfield
6/17 BAL George Wrestler John Cena pumps up Teddy vs. Oriole Bird
6/18 BAL George Abe takes a tumble, George takes 4th race in a row
6/19 BAL Tom George Washington fails again on Fathers Day
6/21 SEA Abe Teddy sends That Cat to stop George Washington
6/22 SEA Abe Samurai takes out Washington and Jefferson
6/23 SEA Tom TJ catches Teddy from behind to take victory #10
7/1 PIT George Pittsburgh Pierogies send Tom and Teddy flying
7/2 PIT Abe/George Abe runs anchor, shares relay win race with George
7/2 PIT George Abe gives up lead to tackle Pittsburgh pierogies
7/3 PIT Abe Abe passes four pierogies at the finish
7/4 CHC Tom Jefferson carries flag wire-to-wire on Independence Day
7/5 CHC Abe Teddy tries to lock the door on the other presidents
7/6 CHC Abe Presidents Endorse Michael Morse for the All Star Team
7/7 CHC Tom Teddy runs into the right field wall
7/8 COL Tom Presidents honor final Space Shuttle Atlantis launch
7/9 COL Tom Teddy fades holding his balloon-animal dog
7/10 COL George George Washington dons horns for Running of the Bulls
7/26 FLA Tom In football tribute, Teddy stripped at the goal line
7/27 FLA Tom That Cat returns, takes out George, Abe, and Teddy
7/28 FLA Tom Teddy loses lead after high-stepping through the race
7/29 NYM Tom Dressed in Hawaiian shirts, Teddy stops to hula dance
7/30 NYM Abe Teddy takes out his frustrations on Tom, decks him
7/31 NYM Abe Teddy attacks George & Tom to kick off Shark Week
8/1 ATL George Teddy rides a trike w/ the Gecko, Screech gets it wrong
8/2 ATL Tom Teddy takes out George Washington in the outfield
8/3 ATL Tom Teddy gets tackled by Luc the Lobster
8/16 CIN Abe Teddy taken down by racing monkey Steve
8/17 CIN Abe Wardrobe malfunction as Tom’s uniform comes open
8/18 CIN Abe Abe comes from behind, holds off Tom for the win
8/19 PHI Abe Teddy fails to block Abe in the home stretch
8/20 PHI George New introductions by the GEICO Gecko
8/21 PHI George In a photo finish, George edges Abe and Teddy
8/22 ARI Tom Tom finishes first, loses his shirt again
8/23 ARI George George passes Teddy, makes Abe look foolish
8/24 ARI Abe Presidents issue challenge to Arizona’s Mark Grace
8/25 ARI Abe Racing Mark Grace tells Teddy “I’m coming for you”
9/2 NYM George Teddy tumbles short of the finish line, trips Abe
9/3 NYM Tom Teddy avoids disqualification only by losing
9/4 NYM Abe Abe Lincoln blocks Teddy, turns and taunts him
9/5 LAD Tom Teddy taunts the other presidents – much too early
9/6 LAD George That Cat returns to thwart a sure victory for Teddy
9/7 LAD N/A Canceled (Rain)
9/8 LAD Tom Jefferson wins a Sprint in rain-postponed game
9/9 HOU Abe Lincoln runs away with it, then does a little dance
9/10 HOU Tom Teddy turns on the racing presidents, and regrets it
9/11 HOU George Washington leads 9/11 remembrance day carrying a flag
9/16 FLA Abe Teddy tries the old misdirection scheme
9/17 FLA Tom Leprechaun takes out Teddy 1/2 way to St. Patty’s Day
9/17 FLA Tom 13th-inning backwards race postpones Abe’s celebration
9/18 FLA Tom Teddy goes fishing for Marlin, forgets about the race
9/23 ATL Tom Jayson Werth and the bullpen get in on the action
9/24 ATL Werth Jayson Werth causes chaos again, is declared winner
9/25 ATL Tom Jayson Werth: “It’s bigger than me, man.”

* Jayson Werth interfered with the presidents race on 9/24 and was declared the winner.
† The 4/16 was postponed due to rain and a doubleheader was played on 4/17.

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