2008 Results & Highlights

Final presidents race standings from the 2008 season at Nationals Park:

2008 Presidents Race Standings* – Champion: Abe Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln 49
George Washington 18
Thomas Jefferson 14
Teddy Roosevelt 0

There were two races in 2008 with two winners (the relay races on 5/4 and 8/17). There were a total of only 79 official races in 2008, because the final game of the season was rained out, and because the 6/28 race was an “unofficial grudge match.”

Please visit the Presidents Race Facts page for full-season results from 2006 and 2007.

2008 Presidents Race Highlights

3/30 ATL George Teddy cuts across the outfield, loses anyway
4/7 FLA Abe
4/9 FLA Tom
4/10 FLA Tom
4/11 ATL George
4/12 ATL Tom
4/13 ATL George Teddy roots for the Capitals from penalty box
4/23 NYM Abe Teddy pulls a hamstring
4/24 NYM George
4/25 CHC Abe Teddy cuts a corner, is disqualified
4/26 CHC George Teddy is attacked by a panther
4/27 CHC Tom Teddy slips on a banana in pajamas
4/29 ATL Tom
4/30 ATL Abe
5/1 PIT Abe
5/2 PIT Abe
5/3 PIT Abe Teddy chases Pittsburgh’s pierogies
5/4 PIT George/Abe Teddy loses relay race with pierogies
5/9 FLA Abe
5/10 FLA George Abe takes big lead then stops, waits and loses.
5/11 FLA Abe Teddy delivers Mother’s Day flowers to the stands.
5/19 PHI Tom
5/20 PHI George George holds off Abe on George’s T-Shirt Tuesday
5/21 PHI Tom Teddy stops and poses with a sign.
5/23 MIL George
5/24 MIL Abe Teddy high-steps to finish line as Abe passes him.
5/25 MIL Abe
5/26 MIL Abe Teddy collapses as he approaches the finish line
6/3 STL Tom Tom wins on his T-Shirt Tuesday
6/5 STL George
6/5 STL Abe Panther chases, attacks Teddy at the finish line
6/6 SFO Abe
6/7 SFO Tom Teddy is disqualified for riding a motor scooter
6/8 SFO Abe
6/9 SFO Tom Teddy rides a Razor scooter and finishes last.
6/20 TEX Abe Teddy at Scoreboard Walk opening, misses race.
6/21 TEX Abe Teddy is distracted by kangaroo, loses the lead.
6/22 TEX Abe Thomas Jefferson hip checks Teddy Roosevelt.
6/23 LAA Tom Teddy and George tackle and beat Abe Lincoln.
6/24 LAA Abe Abe shoves Teddy after tripping Tom & George.
6/25 LAA Abe Teddy chases the rally penguin into the stands.
6/27 BAL George Teddy is tripped by the Baltimore Oriole Bird.
6/28 BAL * Teddy wins “unsanctioned” grudge match vs. Bird.
6/29 BAL Abe Teddy skips race to “assist” grounds crew.
7/8 ARI Abe Abe leaps over Teddy to victory.
7/9 ARI Abe
7/10 ARI Abe
7/11 HOU Abe Teddy runs the wrong way.
7/12 HOU Abe
7/13 HOU Abe Potomac’s Uncle Slam joins the presidents race.
7/29 PHI George Screech chased by panther, runs into Teddy.
7/30 PHI Abe
7/31 PHI Abe Tom eyes Martha W., George takes him out.
8/1 CIN George
8/2 CIN Tom
8/3 CIN Abe Teddy stops to visit with a giant Panda.
8/12 NYM Abe Teddy abandons lead to chase panther.
8/13 NYM Abe Abe wins relay race vs. the other 3 presidents.
8/14 NYM Abe
8/15 COL Abe Teddy pulls hamstring, loses the lead
8/16 COL Tom Teddy disqualified for cheating in walk-race
8/17 COL George/Abe Presidents run Olympic tribute hurdle relay
8/26 LAD Abe Teddy races in Manny Ramirez-style dreadlocks
8/27 LAD Abe
8/28 LAD Abe
8/29 ATL Tom
8/30 ATL Abe Abe wins his 40th race of the season on 70’s night
8/31 ATL Abe Teddy leans to the tape too early, is passed by Abe
9/1 PHI Abe Teddy fades at the finish, is passed again by Abe
9/2 PHI Abe Teddy falls in the outfield corner
9/3 PHI Abe
9/15 NYM Abe Teddy runs out of steam in the home stretch
9/16 NYM Abe
9/17 NYM George Leprechaun appears, tackles Abe Lincoln
9/18 NYM George Teddy blocks Abe allowing George to win.
9/19 SDG George 2 races/2 wins for George in 14-inning game.
9/20 SDG Abe Abe Lincoln leads wire to wire.
9/21 SDG Tom Presidents race on Segways.
9/22 FLA Abe
9/23 FLA Abe
9/24 FLA Final game rained out. No presidents race.

* On May 4, the racing presidents ran a relay race with the Pittsburgh Pirates’ costumed racing pierogies. Abe ran anchor with George. In another relay race on August 17, Abe teamed with George again to run hurdles to honor the Olympics. On June 28, 2008, there was no official presidents race (Teddy Roosvelt won a 1-on-1 grudge match race vs. the Baltimore Oriole Bird mascot, but the race was unsanctioned and did not count in the standings, as was announced by The Presidents Racing Association of America).

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