Teddy races in dreadlocks to welcome Manny Ramirez to Nationals Park

Manny Ramirez inspired Teddy Roosevelt to run the presidents race in dreadlocksWith Manny Ramirez in town to make his Nationals Park debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Washington Nationals kicked off their nine-game homestand tonight with a Manny-inspired fourth inning tribute.

When Abe, George, Tom, and Teddy were introduced for the Nationals presidents race, Teddy Roosevelt emerged from the centerfield gates wearing a Manny Ramirez-style doo rag and dreadlocks. Urged on by the crowd, Teddy took a quick lead, but found it hard to resist the enthusiastic fans he encountered along the first-base line. When he paused, the other racing presidents quickly passed him. It was tight to the finish, but once again Abe took the tape.

Photo by flickr member Liliang

2 Responses

  1. I was at the game last night — as usual, Teddy was robbed! He got off to a great lead only to stop and dawdle with a group of bystanders near the edge of the stands.

    I took a bunch of pics — including a few of my dad and me in our “Let Teddy Win” shirts! I’ll e-mail them to you soon 🙂 We’re very enthusiastic Teddy supporters!

  2. Why can’t Teddy win a game? Someone needs to flirt with Martha again to take ole’ George out of the picture!

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