2016 Results & Highlights

For 2016, visiting racing president Herbert Hoover joined the racing presidents as part of a promotion with the White House Historical Society, and won ten races during the season, but Teddy Roosevelt passed the newcomer in the standings early and never looked back, taking the regular season presidents race crown as the Nationals won the Nationals League East and went to the playoffs for the third time in five years.

2016 Presidents Race Standings*

 #26 Teddy Roosevelt   23
 #16 Abraham Lincoln   18
 #3 Thomas Jefferson   17
#1 George Washington   16
 #31 Herbert Hoover   10
 #27 William Howard Taft    9
 #00 Screech the Eagle    1

* Includes postseason.

For previous years’ standings, check out the detailed results pages for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 201220132014 or 2015. Standings from 2006 and 2007 may be found on the the Presidents Race Facts page.

2016 Presidents Race Highlights


Garden gnomes attack racing presidents

4/7 MIA Teddy Teddy pulls the rug out from his competition
4/10 MIA Herbie Hoover wins in his debut presidents race
4/11 ATL Herbie Herbie rides again, takes win #2
4/12 ATL Herbie Hoover takes 1st 3 races, draws complaints
4/13 ATL Tom Jefferson gets revenge against Hoover
4/14 ATL Bill Taft wins on 106th anniversary of his 1st pitch
4/22 MIN Teddy Teddy rides a bike on Earth Day
4/23 MIN Herbie Hoover plays dead in “Game of Thrones” swordfight 
4/24 MIN Screech Visiting mascots help Screech steal the win on his birthday
4/24 MIN Tom Jefferson wins in first 13th-inning race since 2014
4/26 PHI Bill Racing presidents moonwalk in astronaut tribute
4/27 PHI George Presidents race to 3B side for the first time in 2016
4/28 PHI Teddy Teddy Roosevelt pulls away
5/9 DET Herbie Presidents play volleball with 6 lb. medicine ball 
5/10 DET Teddy Hoover skips the race, Teddy salutes the Navy
5/11 DET Abe Lincoln looks like his former self, pulls away at the finish
5/13 MIA Bill Buddy Bison helps presidents honor National Park Service
5/14 MIA Teddy In Hoover’s absence, Teddy takes over first place
5/14 MIA Teddy Teddy wins for the second time in one day
5/15 MIA Tom Tom wins as Hoover remains absent
5/23 NYM Abe Lincoln steals the win on National Lucky Penny Day
5/24 NYM Abe Teddy blows it on National Scavenger Hunt Day
5/25 NYM George
5/26 STL Abe Lincoln sits, reads, gives other presidents a head start
5/27 STL Teddy In patriotic garb, Roosevelt goes wire to wire
5/28 STL Teddy Roosevelt speaks softly and carries a big popsicle 
5/29 STL Abe Abe wins qualifier and final race in Indy 500 tribute
6/10 PHI Teddy Presidents ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ on 80s Night
6/11 PHI George George cuts across the grass
6/12 PHI George George squeezes through crowded field at the wire 
6/13 CHI George Racing presidents ride Segways
6/14 CHI Abe Abraham Lincoln goes wire to wire
6/15 CHI George 241st anniversary of George becoming commander in chief
6/27 NYM Teddy Herbie gets blinded on National Sunglasses Day
6/28 NYM George First commander-in-chief leads charge on Army Night
6/29 NYM Tom TJ fools the field on National Camera Day
6/30 CIN Teddy Teddy psychs out Taft on National Handshake Day
7/1 CIN George George wins to kick off Independence Day weekend 
7/1 CIN Abe Fireworks canceled, but Abe wins 2nd race in the 13th
7/2 CIN Abe Abe entertains, distracts presidents on Rat Pack Night
7/3 CIN Herbie Hoover paces the field on his bobblehead day
7/4 MIL George Presidential order is followed on Independence Day 
7/5 MIL George GW moves within one win of Teddy in the standings
7/6 MIL Bill Taft gets it baked on National Fried Chicken Day
7/15 PIT Teddy Everybody but Teddy faints in the heat. No pierogies.
7/16 PIT Tom George and Herbie dive for the finish line 
7/17 PIT Tom Mr Nice Cream Cone returns on National Ice Cream Day
7/17 PIT Tom Mr Nice Cream Cone returns for 13th inning bonus race
7/19 LAD Abe Lincoln leads wire-to-wire and takes the tape 
7/20 LAD GW/AL/WHT George smokes Hoover in anchor leg of relay race
7/21 LAD Bill Taft steals Teddy’s chips on National Junk Food Day
7/22 SDG Teddy The Miz  polishes the belt and blinds the presidents
7/23 SDG Abe Abe stops the race 
7/24 SDG Teddy Teddy stops the presidents to join his pool party
8/5 SFG Tom Jefferson wins triple jump on Olympics opening day
8/6 SFG TR/AL/WHT Unlikely alliance wins team triathlon relay 
8/7 SFG Teddy Presidents compete in Olympic volleyball 
8/9 CLE George Teddy disqualified in equestrian event
8/10 CLE Herbie Racing presidents attempt Olympic weighlifting 
8/12 ATL Abe/Herbie Presidents pair off for synchronized diving 
8/13 ATL Tom Jefferson (Fin) wins light saber battle on Star Wars Day 
8/14 ATL GW/TJ/HH Presidents team up for Olympic rowing
8/24 BAL Abe Lincoln gives the forearm to George & Tom
8/25 BAL Teddy Olympic champion wrestler Helen Maroulis lifts Teddy
8/26 COL Tom Jefferson runs away with it
8/27 COL Teddy Roosevelt with the Chariots of Fire finish 
8/28 COL Abe In Sunday best, George pulls town Tom from behind 
9/5 ATL George Washington wins on Labor Day afternoon
9/6 ATL Tom Jefferson attacks the presidents with a very big book 
9/7 ATL Tom Jefferson turns on the afterburners
9/8 PHI Teddy/Abe Teddy and Abe win relay
9/9 PHI Teddy Secret Service attacks presidents w/ Teddy bear 
9/10 PHI Bill Presidents wear lederhosen on Oktoberfest night
9/11 PHI Teddy Teddy runs with Navy’s Bill the Goat
9/12 NYM George Washington takes a hotly-contested race
9/13 NYM George Washington wins on College Rivalry night 
9/14 NYM Teddy No shenanigans as TR closes the homestand
9/26 ARI Tom Jefferson passes Taft in the stretch to stay alive
9/27 ARI Abe Garden gnomes attack racing presidents
9/28 ARI Abe Lincoln flies to victory, wire-to-wire
9/29 ARI Bill Teddy locks up the season championship
9/30 MIA Bill Taft passes Teddy at the finish 
10/1 MIA Tom Jefferson wins lackluster race 
10/2 MIA Herbie Visiting president Hoover wins his final race 
10/7 LAD Teddy Two T-Rex help Teddy to playoffs victory
10/9 LAD Tom Nats botch attempt to break the “playoff curse”
10/13 LAD Tom Jefferson slams Roosevelt into the wall
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