On Teddy’s birthday, remembering the top presidents race moments of 2011

Thursday is Teddy Roosevelt’s birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to relive some of the top presidents race moments of 2011 (at least according to the Nationals).

The Nats staff has compiled a fun video for Nationals.com highlighting some the more memorable triumphs and mishaps of 2011.

Notably absent are the two races from the final weekend the season in which Jayson Werth tried to take over the presidents race. It was a National story, but one the Nats’ marketing brass would prefer to bury. In fact, the Nationals have never released video of those two races.

Video: Washington Nationals

Vote for the Racing Presidents pumpkins

Racing President Pumpkins - Nationals Pumpkin ContestThe finalists have been announced for the Washington Nationals annual pumpkin carving contest, and once again, the racing presidents have been well-represented.

Last year, reader Larry LaHaie’s “Let Teddy Win” pumpkin took the grand prize. Will the presidents triumph again? Voting is now open at Nationals.com until Thursday, Nov. 3 at 2:00pm.

How will you celebrate Teddy’s birthday?

Tomorrow is Teddy Roosevelt’s birthday. How will you be celebrating?

Last week, blogger Laura Leu got into the spirit with these homemade Mount Rushmore presidents cupcakes:

President cupcakes - baked by Laura Leu

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