2015 Results & Highlights

The 2015 presidents race season began with a vicious Easter Bunny attack on opening day, and stayed competitive through the final homestand. A sixth racing president Calvin Coolidge, sponsored by the White House Historical Society, was added over Independence Day weekend, and proceeded to get in everybody’s way, racking up a dozen victories in the second half of the season.

Final Washington Nationals Presidents Race Standings for 2015, with links to videos and summaries of every race.

Final 2015 Presidents Race Standings

#16 Abraham Lincoln  21
#1 George Washington  17
#26 Teddy Roosevelt  15
#27 William Howard Taft  14
#30 Calvin Coolidge  12
#3 Thomas Jefferson   5

2015 Presidents Race Highlights

4/6 NYM Bill The Easter Bunny takes out Teddy with flying leap
4/8 NYM Teddy Teddy edges Abe Lincoln at the finish line
4/9 NYM Abe Abe pulls past Jefferson at the finish
4/16 PHI Abe George Washington stops to high five fans
4/17 PHI Bill Taft passes George Washington in the stretch
4/18 PHI Bill Taft recruits Opera rats to ambush presidents
4/19 PHI Teddy/Bill Screech wins team relay race with Teddy & Taft
4/21 STL George Presidents “replay” inaugural race from 2006
4/22 STL Teddy ESPN’s Doug Glanville helps Teddy on Earth Day
4/23 STL Abe Lincoln squeaks by Teddy Roosevelt at the wire
5/4 MIA Abe George and Bill trip, Abe comes from behind
5/5 MIA Abe Rushmores leave Taft behind in throwback race
5/6 MIA Abe Presidents mix it up, but result stays the same
5/8 ATL Bill Tom & Taft slam opponents with a folding table
5/9 ATL Abe Nachos Libre tackles Tom – Is he the new Teddy?
5/10 ATL George Presidents race with pink bat batons
5/19 NYY George Presidents shove Jefferson into the outfield wall
5/20 NYY Bill Taft comes from the back of the pack
5/22 PHI Bill Taft’s wife Nellie pops from a Jack in the Box
5/23 PHI Bill Teddy Roosevelt tries to head butt Taft & misses
5/24 PHI Abe When George Washington trips, Abe cleans up
6/1 TOR Abe Presidents start in left field, run backwards
6/2 TOR George Taft watches from the stands
6/3 TOR Bill Presidents stop to hug fans on National Hug Day
6/4 CHI Abe Teddy distracts Tom with discount Ponchos
6/5 CHI Bill Presidents pummel Clark the Bear on Donut Day
6/6 CHI Abe Paula Abdul judges presidents dance-off 
6/7 CHI George George waits then turns on the afterburners
6/17 TAM Teddy Abe rides Nats custom motorcycle on Nats HD
6/18 TAM George GW carries Martha over finish line on ladies night
6/19 PIT Bill Taft recruits Pittsburgh pierogies to attack foes
6/20 PIT Teddy Secret Service protects Teddy from Potato Pete
6/21 PIT Abe Lincoln outraces Pittsburgh pierogie Potato Pete
6/23 ATL George Presidents race to the Hawaii Five-0 theme
6/24 ATL Tom TJ gets victory #1 on UVA college rivalry night
6/25 ATL Tom Tom wins his 2nd race aboard a Segway
7/3 SFG Calvin Calvin Coolidge cheats to win his first race
7/4 SFG George Washington wins on Independence Day
7/5 SFG Teddy Shark attack knocks out presidents in outfield
7/6 CIN Calvin Mr. Nice Cream Cone helps Coolidge cheat
7/7 CIN Split Calvin, Tom, and George share relay race win
7/17 LAD Abe Lincoln enlists Ant Man to knock out opposition
7/18 LAD Teddy Teddy holds off late charge by Calvin Coolidge
7/19 LAD Split The evil empire prevails on Star Wars Day
7/20 NYM George Martha Washington knocks out the presidents
7/21 NYM Tom Jefferson runs away with it
7/22 NYM Calvin “Silent Cal” Coolidge leads wire to wire
8/3 ARI Calvin Cal races from behind to overtake Lincoln
8/4 ARI Teddy MASN calls the race for Abe, but Teddy wins
8/5 ARI Abe Teddy helps Abe Lincoln grow a Chia Beard
8/6 ARI Tom Teddy races out of the stadium, loses lead
8/7 COL Abe Dan Kolko races in Thomas Jefferson costume
8/8 COL George Martha Washington helps George with trip wire
8/9 COL Abe Presidents race from third base side to right field
8/21 MIL Teddy Presidents dance to Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae)
8/22 MIL George Martha Washington stops Teddy’s motorcade
8/23 MIL Bill Presidents trip as they forget to tie their shoes
8/25 SDG George Werth & Rendon gnomes knock out 6 presidents
8/26 SDG George Mr. Nice Cream Cone distracts the presidents
8/27 SDG Calvin Coolidge’s pet raccoon disrupts presidents race
8/28 MIA Bill Taft and Teddy pass out cherry turnovers
8/29 MIA Teddy PacMan swallows presidents on Nats’ 80s Night
8/30 MIA Calvin Calvin surges from the back of the pack 
9/3 ATL Calvin Nats rout the Braves, Calvin routs the presidents
9/4 ATL Calvin Taft slams Teddy Roosevelt into the wall
9/5 ATL Teddy Taft tries to tackle Teddy Roosevelt at the finish
9/6 ATL Calvin Pushing and shoving in the outfield continues
9/7 NYM George Martha Washington knocks out five presidents 
9/8 NYM Teddy Teddy uses the old misdirection play
9/9 NYM Teddy ESPN’s Dallas Braden dresses as a hot dog 
9/17 MIA Tom Jefferson runs away with his 5th win of 2015
9/18 MIA George Jefferson face plants in the home stretch
9/19 MIA Abe Abe beats George in a photo finish
9/20 MIA Calvin Calvin crushes the competition
9/22 BAL Teddy Roosevelt wins Rugby match presidents race
9/23 BAL Abe Nats racing presidents salute Yogi Berra
9/24 BAL Calvin Coolidge’s pet raccoon returns, helps Cal win
9/25 PHI George Presidents run backwards from first base
9/26 PHI Teddy Teddy and dog win on Pups in the Park day
9/27 PHI Abe Screech awards 6-way photo finish to Abe
9/28 CIN Abe Lincoln leads wire to wire to seal the season

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