Teddy the shark attacks George, Tom to kick off Shark Week

Washington Nationals Racing President Teddy Roosevelt dons a Shark mask for Shark WeekWashington Nationals racing president Teddy Roosevelt celebrates Shark Week - Photo by Cheryl NicholsShark Week starts today, and ever the student of popular culture, Teddy Roosevelt got into the act by donning a makeshift shark mask and cardboard dorsal fin for Sunday’s game vs. the New York Mets at Nationals Park.

With Jaws music in the background, Teddy followed the other presidents out of the gate and chased them down, one by one.

Teddy dispatched of both Washington and Jefferson with his razor-sharp cardboard jaws, but he couldn’t catch up to the speedy Abe Lincoln, who crossed the finish line with his limbs intact.

NOTE: After yesterday’s post, the Nationals have updated the standings they show on the scoreboard during the race, properly crediting George with his July 10 victory. We are in sync once again.

Attack photo by Cheryl Nichols/Nats News Network
Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome.

Teddy goes after Thomas Jefferson in the outfield

Presidents race watchers knew what to expect when the fourth inning rolled around Saturday night at Nationals Park. Teddy Roosevelt said it all just before race time.

Washington Nationals Presidents Race: Teddy Tackles Jefferson“No more wins for TJ, your streak ends tonight! Mwhahaha,” Teddy tweeted from his account @Teddy26Nats.

After winning seven of the last eight races, Jefferson was poised to pass Teddy once again when the Bull Moose turned and slammed the Sage of Monticello into the outfield wall. Jefferson fell to the ground, his hair ripped by the impact.

Lincoln dashed by for his first victory since before the All Star break.

NOTE: Followers of the outfield scoreboard tally might have noted a discrepancy vs. our own presidents race standings. The Nationals scorekeepers have not credited George (or anybody) with a victory for July 10 — the last race before the all star break. We’re hoping the Nats will make the correction soon. In the meantime, we’re sticking with our count as a reflection of the true # of races this year.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome.

In 103° heat, Teddy Roosevelt stops to do the hula

Washington Nationals presidents race in Hawaiian ShirtsWashington Nationals racing president Teddy Roosevelt does the HulaPerhaps it’s the uniform.

A crowd of 30,114 came to Nationals Park Friday night to see Chien Ming Wang battle both the sweltering heat and the New York Mets in his first major league start in over two years.

As Wang struggled in the in 103° game-time temperatures, the Nationals’ racing presidents chose to to ditch the wool uniforms in favor of cool Hawaiian shirts, honoring Friday’s anniversary of Hawaii’s statehood. Nobody appeared to benefit more than Teddy Roosevelt, who dashed into an early lead and put on one of his best performances ever.

Unfortunately, the fans cheering for Teddy along the first baseline must have proved too inspiring, as Teddy stopped and broke into a hula dance for the fans.

Thomas Jefferson, who has been on a tear since the All Star Break, dashed by for the victory.

Videos courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

Video: That Cat returns, takes out three presidents

Washington Nationals Racing Presidents are attacked by That CatWashington Nationals Racing Presidents are attacked by That CatLong-time presidents race interloper That Cat made another disruptive appearance Wednesday night at Nationals Park.

As the fourth-inning race began, the t-shirt clad panther hid out by the right field bullpen gate, jumping out onto the warning track only as the racing presidents approached.

In one fell swoop, That Cat managed to take out George Washington, Abe Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt, leaving Thomas Jefferson with a clear path to the finish line before retreating to the bullpen.

Jefferson managed to avoid repeating the previous night’s mistakes, and postponed his celebration until after the race was finished.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome.

Video: Nationals racing presidents switch to football

Nationals Park must have seemed a sight for sore eyes to a team coming off three straight road series losses following the All Star break; but in the first game of the homestand vs. the Marlins, both Teddy and the Nats failed to deliver.

Washington Nationals Racing Presidents - Football GameWashington Nationals Racing Presidents play footballWith the Nationals on their way to an 11-2 loss Tuesday night, the racing presidents chose to look away from baseball and celebrate the end of the NFL lockout during their 4th-inning race.

Kicking things off, Abe, Tom, and Teddy lined up in i-formation against George Washington, who was wearing his alternate red uniform. Lincoln hiked the ball to Jefferson, who then handed off to Teddy as the Great Emancipator turned and put a world-class block on our first president.

The block gave Roosevelt a clear path to the end zone, and he took off. With Nationals P.A. announcer Jerome Hruska yelling “He could go all the way,” Teddy kicked his legs in celebration as he danced his way to certain victory.

Alas, George was catching up from behind, and knocked the ball away Don Beebe style. As Teddy and George scrambled, Jefferson picked up the loose ball and waltzed across the finish line for the victory.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

Video: Nationals racing presidents at the All Star Game

Tyler Clippard wasn’t the only Washington National making an all star game appearance this week. The Nationals’ own racing presidents made a guest appearance at the All Star game — no, not that All Star game. George, Tom, Abe, and Teddy appeared Thursday at the Atlantic League All Star Game in York, Pennsylvania.

Thanks to reader Kyle Mace, a Camp Hill, PA native who provided the video, and to Chris Stetler, a Let Teddy Win fan and self-described baseball fanatic who offered this report from her home town:

While the Nationals may be still off enjoying their last day of the All-Star break, the President’s hit the road.

Washington Nationals Racing Presidents - Atlantic League All Star GameWashington Nationals Racing Presidents - Atlantic League All Star GameWashington Nationals Racing Presidents - Atlantic League All Star GameWashington Nationals Racing Presidents - Atlantic League All Star GameInvited to attend the Atlantic League All-Star game at Sovereign Bank Stadium in York, PA, home of the York Revolution, the 2010 Atlantic League Champions, they traveled north to the delight of the home town crowd. It is a fitting journey north as York housed the Continental Congress when they wrote the Articles of Confederation, the first constitution of the newly formed United States of America in 1776-1777.

Throughout the game, the President’s could be seen mingling with the fans, having their photos taken, and being all-around great ambassadors. But, they got down to business in the fourth inning when they came out of the center field gates and prepared to do battle.

As they do at home, the quartet turned towards right field and at the count of three, raced around the outfield warning track aiming for the finish line just to the right of first base and before the home team’s dugout.

Teddy started out slow, and then poured it on as they came around the curve to the infield. Sadly, he was overtaken by George Washington who finished with a commanding lead. Just before the finish line Thomas Jefferson pulled ahead of Teddy, leaving Teddy to finish in third ahead of Abraham Lincoln.

The fans cheered on the Commander’s-in-Chiefs and I even heard a few Let Teddy Win! cheers during the race. It was so fun to hear other people cheering Teddy on and hoping, just hoping, he might finally break the streak and win. Sadly, it was not to be.

From a York Revolution fan to the Washington Nationals and Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt, thank you for coming up to add even more excitement to the Atlantic League All-Star game!

Thanks Chris and Kyle! It’s great to know that the Let Teddy Win movement reaches far beyond DC.

Photos by Christina Stetler Photography.
Video by Kyle Mace.

Running of the Bulls video: George Washington attacks Thomas Jefferson

Presidents Race - Photo by Cheryl NicholsOn Sunday, George Washington donned
bull horns and rammed into Thomas Jefferson
, sending him diving over the railing (and practically into a fan holding a Let Teddy Win sign).

We didn’t get our usual video from Sunday’s contest, but we thought we’d provide the next best thing.

Highlights from Sunday’s MASN game broadcast:

Photos by Cheryl Nichols/Nats News Network

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