Video: Nationals racing presidents switch to football

Nationals Park must have seemed a sight for sore eyes to a team coming off three straight road series losses following the All Star break; but in the first game of the homestand vs. the Marlins, both Teddy and the Nats failed to deliver.

Washington Nationals Racing Presidents - Football GameWashington Nationals Racing Presidents play footballWith the Nationals on their way to an 11-2 loss Tuesday night, the racing presidents chose to look away from baseball and celebrate the end of the NFL lockout during their 4th-inning race.

Kicking things off, Abe, Tom, and Teddy lined up in i-formation against George Washington, who was wearing his alternate red uniform. Lincoln hiked the ball to Jefferson, who then handed off to Teddy as the Great Emancipator turned and put a world-class block on our first president.

The block gave Roosevelt a clear path to the end zone, and he took off. With Nationals P.A. announcer Jerome Hruska yelling “He could go all the way,” Teddy kicked his legs in celebration as he danced his way to certain victory.

Alas, George was catching up from behind, and knocked the ball away Don Beebe style. As Teddy and George scrambled, Jefferson picked up the loose ball and waltzed across the finish line for the victory.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

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  1. Stick to the basics and we’ll snap this losing streak!

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