2009 Results & Highlights

Final presidents race standings from the 2009 season at Nationals Park:

2009 Presidents Race Standings* – Champion: Abe Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln 40
George Washington 22
Thomas Jefferson 21
Teddy Roosevelt 0

There were three races in 2009 with two winners (the relay races on 5/2, 5/19, and 6/25). There were a total of 80 races won by presidents in 2009 (*one was one by visiting Pierogies from Pittsburgh)

Please visit the Presidents Race Facts page for full-season results from 2006 and 2007.

2009 Presidents Race Highlights

4/13 PHI Abe Teddy & “That Cat” spoil Thomas Jefferson’s birthday
4/16 PHI Tom Teddy fades, Tom trips but beats Abe in photo finish.
4/17 FLA Tom Jefferson leads wire-to-wire.
4/18 FLA Abe Teddy distracted by a clown juggling in the outfield.
4/19 FLA George Tom takes down Abe Lincoln in the outfield.
4/20 ATL Abe After rain delay, Teddy races with an umbrella.
4/21 ATL George Presidents race with hockey sticks.
4/22 ATL Abe Teddy stops mid-race to pass out Earth Day goodies.
4/30 STL Abe
5/1 STL Tom Presidents race blindfolded. Teddy runs the wrong way.
5/2 STL Tom/George Tom & George win baton relay vs. Teddy & Abe
5/4 HOU Abe
5/5 HOU Abe Teddy wears sombrero for Cinco de Mayo
5/15 PHI Tom
5/16 PHI George Teddy chases the other presidents on a Segway
5/16 PHI Abe After filly wins Preakness, “Philly” races the presidents
5/17 PHI Abe Teddy imitates Nats bullpen and collapses
5/18 PIT Abe Pittsburgh’s Pierogies visit Nats Park, get clotheslined
5/19 PIT Tom/George Tom & George win relay race with Pittsburgh’s Pierogies
5/20 PIT Abe Abe teams with Jalapeño Hannah in 3-legged race
5/21 PIT Chester* *Presidents beaten by visiting Pittsburgh pierogies!
5/22 BAL George Screech fights The Bird. Teddy trails from wire to wire.
5/23 BAL Tom Orioles Bird tackles Teddy short of finish line
5/24 BAL George Teddy exacts revenge on the Oriole Bird
6/2 SFO Tom Teddy cuts the outfield corner, loses anyway
6/4 SFO George George wins in the first game of a doubleheader
6/4 SFO Tom
6/5 NYM Abe
6/6 NYM George
6/7 NYM George Abe stops and rips up “Let Teddy Win” sign.
6/9 CIN Abe
6/10 CIN Tom Teddy gives up lead to welcome draft pick Drew Storen
6/11 CIN Abe
6/19 TOR Abe On Beach Bash night, Abe wins wearing floaties
6/20 TOR Tom George falls at the finish, gets ejected by umpires
6/21 TOR Abe George suspended, sits out race on Fathers Day
6/23 BOS Abe Teddy Roosevelt races on a unicycle
6/24 BOS Abe Teddy throws Tea Party, Abe’s feet are on fire.
6/25 BOS Tom/George Presidents run relay on Segways & bicycle taxis
7/3 ATL Tom Teddy dances to Michael Jackson, Tom moonwalks
7/4 ATL Tom Abe jumps into the stands, gives up lead
7/5 ATL George
7/16 CHI George Teddy & That Cat tackle George, Tom, & Abe
7/17 CHI Abe Teddy dresses as Santa, throws Webkinz into stands
7/18 CHI Abe Abe takes 20th victory, taunts the other presidents
7/19 CHI Abe
7/20 NYM George Teddy wears “space hat” to commemorate moon walk
7/21 NYM George George passes Tom for 2nd place in the standings
7/22 NYM Abe Abe stakes big lead, turns to taunt other presidents
7/23 STL Tom Teddy leads early, then Tom passes the field
7/24 SD Abe George, Tom, & Teddy all go down. Teddy loses #250.
7/25 SD Abe
7/26 SD Abe Teddy disqualified for riding a motor scooter
8/4 FLA Abe Teddy races with band-aid and arm in a sling
8/5 FLA Abe
8/6 FLA Tom Teddy gets bumped, spins and runs the wrong way
8/7 ARI Abe Abe comes from behind to win at the wire
8/8 ARI Tom Teddy races as the Lone Ranger with stick horse
8/9 ARI Abe Tom pulls hamstring & loses lead. Abe passes Teddy
8/18 COL George Teddy blows a big lead.
8/19 COL Abe Teddy stops to send a Twitter update
8/20 COL Tom Teddy pulls a muscle, is helped off the field
8/21 MIL George Teddy tackles fake Milwaukee racing sausages
8/22 MIL Abe 3 “un-sausages” are passed by the presidents
8/23 MIL Abe Teddy holds off “un-sausages” for Abe to run through
8/24 MIL Tom Presidents take down racing “un-sausages” en mass
9/4 FLA George
9/5 FLA George Teddy scratched due to injury during pre-game warmups
9/6 FLA George Teddy returns but can’t hold lead in the stretch.
9/8 PHI N/A “That Cat” helps Teddy win, & get disqualified
9/9 PHI Tom Tom collides with Abe at the finish line
9/10 PHI Abe Abe and Tom at the wire again
9/22 LAD George Teddy misses race with recurring hamstring injury
9/23 LAD Abe Teddy sits out 2nd night in a row
9/24 LAD Tom George tackles Abe short of the finish line
9/25 ATL Abe Teddy “recovering,” sits out 4th straight race
9/26 ATL Abe Teddy returns to action, stops with lead
9/27 ATL Abe
9/28 NYM Abe Abe signs baseballs, tosses to crowd after win
9/29 NYM Abe Abe leads Tom & George in celebratory bunny hop
9/30 NYM George George fixes final race as finish line is moved.

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