Pittsburgh’s Racing Pierogies run into trouble at Nationals Park

Mascots were coming out of the woodwork tonight at Nationals Park as the Pittsburgh Pirates rolled into town for a 4-game series. Just as they did last season, the Pirates brought the giant racing pierogies from PNC Park’s Great Pierogie Race.

The racing pierogies joined tonight’s 4th-inning presidents race and nearly stole the victory from the Nationals’ own presidents; but with Cheese Chester and Oliver Onion in the lead, Teddy’s nemesis That Cat appeared and clotheslined them both, allowing Abe Lincoln to take the victory.

Video courtesy of Charles Diaz

One Response

  1. All,

    The Pierogies need our help!! Currently they are facing off in a mascot vote on Homerderby.com against the weak Milwaukee Sausages. Over the past 2 years the Sausages have refused to recognize the Presidents as a real competitor, turning down several invitations to join them at RFK and Nats Park. The Pierogies have been amazing allies to the Presidents and have visited now 2 years in a row. Lets show them our support by voting for the Pierogies over the Sausages.

    Everybody go vote for the Pierogies!!

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