Abe Wins Fifth Straight to Close Nationals Homestand

5 thoughts on “Abe Wins Fifth Straight to Close Nationals Homestand”

  1. I check your site often, since I’m trying to pair the race winner with each game’s result and I’m stumped by one thing. Earlier, you had the standings posted as:

    Abe 6, Tom 4, George 3

    Now you have:

    Abe 9, Tom 6, George 3

    If those numbers are accurate, there’s NO WAY Abe could be on a five-race winning streak. That’s because the standings grew by five results and Tom has two of them.

    Have you ever thought of posting a game-by-game list of winners?

  2. Steve, you are too quick for me! Your observation is correct, but the standings are accurate. I had accidentally mis-attributed an earlier result (now corrected) and posted some others not in chronological order. Why? Sometimes it takes a few days to fill in the blanks. For example I was at the 4/25 race but it took a while before I could confirm the winner of the 4/24 race. It’s all correct now and I can list all the details here when I return later (tonight, I hope).

    By the way, lesson learned. Early in this homestand I realized that I couldn’t keep up very easily, and so I started a record of all the results (including retroactive to Game 1), which led to the correction. More later.

  3. …and yes, I have considered posting a game-by-game list of winners on a regular basis. It would, however, put the pressure on me to get really timely results up here. Any volunteers for co-moderator?

  4. The reason I check is that I have a night job. That limits my chances to go and I’m not sure MASN documents every race when they come back for the bottom of the 4th inning.

    Keep up the diligence!

  5. You are right Steve. MASN is very inconsistent with its coverage of the presidents race. If something interesting happens with Teddy, they sometimes show it, but won’t necessarily say who won; and if there’s a celebrity guest in the booth, or a pitching change to discuss, they won’t cover the presidents race at all.

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