2010 Results & Highlights

Final presidents race standings from the 2010 season at Nationals Park:

Final 2010 Presidents Race Standings

Abraham Lincoln 30
George Washington 29
Thomas Jefferson 28
Teddy Roosevelt 0

Abraham Lincoln held off late charges by both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to take the 2010 Washington Nationals presidents race title in the final race of the season.

There were 83 races in 2010, because of official extra race in the 13th inning of 4/24 and 8/25. The season also contained three races with two winners (the relay races on 4/17 and 5/19, and the tie in the 13th inning of 8/25).

Please visit the Presidents Race Facts page for full-season results from 2006 and 2007.

2010 Presidents Race Highlights

4/5 PHI Abe Teddy collapses near the finish line on opening day.
4/7 PHI Tom Teddy returns, loses late lead to Tom.
4/8 PHI George George salutes the Masters with a golf scramble.
4/16 MIL Abe “Un-racing Sausages” return to Nationals Park
4/17 MIL Tom/George In relay, Presidents knock down “un-racing sausages”
4/18 MIL Abe Fork in hand, Teddy ambushes “un-racing sausages”
4/19 COL Tom Jefferson makes an inside move, passes Abe
4/20 COL Tom Teddy’s astronaut helmet honors Space Shuttle pilot
4/21 COL Abe Abe climbs into the stands to face Let Teddy Win fans
4/22 COL George On Earth Day, Teddy plants a tree in foul territory
4/23 LAD Abe Teddy rides a Segway, is passed by Abe anyway
4/24 LAD George/Abe George wins as presidents display new red uniforms
4/24 LAD George/Abe Abe takes 2nd race in 13th inning
4/25 LAD George George runs through 12-mascot obstacle course
5/4 ATL Tom Teddy tackles Abe. George gives him a body slam.
5/5 ATL George Abe gets back at Teddy on Cinco de Mayo
5/6 ATL Tom Jefferson sprints, pauses, then runs away with it
5/7 FLA George Tom shoves Teddy, George leads wire to wire
5/8 FLA Abe Brian from Family Guy tackles Washington & Jefferson
5/9 FLA George Screech’s mom helps judge on Mothers Day
5/19 NYM Tom/George “That Cat” returns, coldcocks Abe Lincoln in relay
5/20 NYM Tom Teddy cheats but can’t catch Jefferson
5/21 BAL Tom Orioles Bird tackles everybody — except Jefferson
5/22 BAL Abe Abe Lincoln cheats his way to victory
5/23 BAL Abe Abe comes from behind for a legitimate win.
6/4 CIN Abe Abe comes from behind again
6/5 CIN Abe Abe’s streak continues, George topples the Gecko
6/6 CIN Abe Abe’s streak reaches 5 as Strasmas approaches
6/8 PIT Tom Teddy fails to make history with pierogies, sausages
6/9 PIT Tom “That Cat” brings help, takes out pierogies & sausages
6/10 PIT George Teddy fans from Texas see Hawaiian-themed race
6/18 CWS Abe With Obama watching, Abe wins aboard a Segway
6/19 CWS Abe New shoes help Teddy fly, but he trips in the outfield
6/20 CWS Tom Teddy sits in stands getting fanned by Nat Pack girls
6/21 KC Abe 3-legged race gets broken up, Abe sprints to victory
6/22 KC George George Washington leads wire to wire
6/23 KC George Teddy cheats, Abe trips, George wins
7/1 NYM Tom Teddy gives weak effort as Jefferson wins by a head
7/2 NYM Tom Abraham Lincoln takes out the GEICO Gecko
7/3 NYM Abe Abe Lincoln steals the flag from the GEICO Gecko
7/4 NYM Tom Jefferson runs with flag then declares Independence
7/6 SD Abe Presidents ask fans to make Zimmerman an All Star
7/7 SD Tom Teddy celebrates early. Tom passes him in the stretch
7/8 SD Tom Teddy takes a swing at Abe, knocks him to the ground
7/9 SF George George Washington high-steps past Tom and Abe
7/10 SF George Teddy makes George Washington pay for showboating
7/11 SF George Teddy plays Santa for Christmas in July
7/27 ATL Abe That Cat runs interference as Abe leads wire to wire.
7/28 ATL George The presidents salute Batista post-race.
7/29 ATL Tom George, Abe, & Teddy “hit the wall” in the heat
7/30 PHI George Teddy goes off course to hand flowers to Miss Iowa
7/31 PHI George Teddy trips at finish line, falls flat on his face
8/1 PHI George Abe celebrates prematurely and trips.
8/10 FLA Abe Teddy is disqualified for riding a motor scooter
8/11 FLA George George edges Tom at the finish
8/12 FLA George George continues his post-All Star Break tear.
8/13 ARI George Presidents wear “Jason” masks on Friday the 13th
8/14 ARI Abe Presidents send message to the Diamondbacks
8/15 ARI Abe Presidents wear traditional period unis, Abe cruises.
8/23 CHC Abe Abe comes from behind to tie for first
8/24 CHC Abe Abe steals first place back from George Washington
8/25 CHC Tom
8/26 STL Tom That Cat returns to help Tom
8/26 STL Abe/Tom Extra-innings race results in a tie
8/27 STL Abe Lincoln turns it on, leads from wire to wire
8/28 STL George Washington beats Lincoln at the wire
8/29 STL Abe Presidents declare “It’s a Double Rainbow”
9/6 NYM Abe Abe falls backwards over the finish line
9/7 NYM Abe Abe continues torrid late season streak
9/8 NYM Tom Abe pulls up lame in the home stretch
9/10 FLA George Teddy stops to pass out “Los Nacionales” t-shirts
9/11 FLA Abe Teddy cuts the corner, but can’t catch Lincoln
9/12 FLA George In traditional period garb, George comes from behind
9/20 HOU George Presidents race on bicycles, Teddy still can’t cut it
9/21 HOU George George takes 3rd race in a row
9/22 HOU George Teddy is spotted a huge lead but trips short of the finish
9/23 HOU George George wins 5 straight to pull into tie with Abe
9/24 ATL Tom Abe falls, George trips, Teddy piles on.
9/25 ATL Tom
9/26 ATL Tom The Grinch steals the win from Teddy Roosevelt
9/27 PHI Tom Georges passes Teddy, who stops to dance
9/28 PHI Tom Mr. Kool Aid tackles Teddy. Tom extends his streak.
9/29 PHI Abe A farewell to outgoing team president Stan Kasten

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