Abe Lincoln takes out the GEICO Gecko

Thomas Jefferson took an early lead in the Nationals presidents race Friday night at Nationals Park and held onto the lead, showboating as he spun across the finish line.

But it was Abe Lincoln who stole the show, veering off course at the last minute and drawing gasps as he plowed into the sponsor. The diminutive GEICO Gecko was clearly not prepared for Abe’s open field tackle.

Perhaps Abe wasn’t able to save 15% on his car insurance.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

3 Responses

  1. I’m glad this appeared surfaced on some of the blogs that I read. More people need to know this. Abe cheats. He’s a juicer and he has rage. To do something like this on Black Heritage Night, a night where his legacy for racial healing is supposed to shine, is truly horrific and reflects very poorly on the Great Emancipator.

    I root for George until that magical day when Teddy receives his reward.

  2. Are there any presidents race souvenirs to give as gifts?

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