Early Race Videos

12 thoughts on “Early Race Videos”

  1. THANK YOU for this. We LOVE Teddy. We have been to several Nats games and fell hard for #26!

  2. Love the blog. I live in the Washington area but I haven’t been to a Nats game yet but I eventually like to see one soon. Maybe when the Dodgers are in town. Dodgers are my favorite team. I’ve been hearing all about Teddy and the President’s Race on the net and around town. Giant pierogies huh? Good thing the Brewers aren’t in town yet, we may see a video of Teddy chasing the giant sausages around the field if they ever show up.

  3. Are you going to post a video of the unfortunate flying tackle that Teddy received at the hands of the evil pierogie this week?

  4. I saw the Washington Nationals play the Milwaukee Brewers today and some of the guys were talking about a President Roosevelt doll that you could buy,not the bobblehead doll ; it was a felt – like doll ….I cant find it …could you help me find it?

  5. I live in California but attended my first Nat’s game last weekend while on vacation. You may know Which game I saw when I say the lobster took Teddy out during the race.
    I have become obsessed with these races and can’t wait for the 2012 videos to be uploaded. I wish they could be uploaded sooner in the season!!!
    Ima fan. I think I like that Teddy doesn’t win. That makes it a conspiracy and fun!

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