Presidents Race Standings

2018 Presidents Race Standings*

#1 George Washington 31
#3 Thomas Jefferson 25
#16 Abraham Lincoln 17
 #26 Theodore Roosevelt 10
 #00 Screech  1

* Standings do not include exhibition wins by George and Tom in the All Star Game and the All Star Celebrity Softball Game at Nationals Park in July.

A season filled with presidential hijinks included races disrupted by double dutch, pet lions, superhero capes, hair styling, “groovy bus” rides, hypnosis, miniature presidents, picnics, selfies, red cards, pet cats, boxer shorts, sword fights, beer interference, garage sales, the YMCA and the electric slide. The confusion mirrored that of the Nats front office, as the Nats first let Teddy win the openers, then for 4 months they didn’t, then they unleashed him again after giving up on the season. A record number of rain delays led the presidents to hold an umbrella relay. Finally, to promote healing, the presidents held arms to share a bipartisan victory in the season finale.

For previous years’ standings, highlights and videos, check out the links to detailed results pages for 2008-2017 in the left menu. Standings from 2006-2007 may be found on the the Presidents Race Facts page.

2018 Presidents Race Highlights

4/5 NYM Teddy Abe interferes for Teddy, who takes the green jacket
4/7 NYM Teddy Roosevelt beats Jefferson at the wire to go 2-0
4/8 NYM Tom Jefferson plays double dutch with George & Teddy
4/9 ATL Tom Teddy stops short in presidents “Spartan Race” preview
4/10 ATL Tom George slams Teddy into the wall in right field 
4/11 ATL George George Washington carries a pet lion on National Pet Day
4/12 COL George George leads the troops on military appreciation night
4/13 COL Tom On TJ’s birthday, Teddy slams Abe into outfield wall 
4/14 COL George Presidents run left wearing Hawaiian shirts 
4/15 COL Abe Lincoln runs left, wins his first of the year
4/27 ARI George Washington takes a share of first
4/28 ARI Abe Presidents wear capes for National Superhero Day
4/29 ARI Screech Visiting mascots help Screech win on his birthday
4/30 PIT George George coifs Teddy on Nat’l Hair Stylist Appreciation Day
5/1 PIT Abe Lincoln leads wire to wire wearing patriotic blue unis
5/2 PIT Abe Abe Lincoln bowls over the competition
5/3 PIT Abe Abe hockey checks Teddy, declares “Beat Pittsburgh”
5/4 PHI Tom Abe fails to knock out Tom & George in Star Wars socks 
5/5 PHI Abe Abe wins Star Wars Day battle as Lando Calriccian
5/6 PHI Abe In Hawaiian shirts, Lincoln beats out George at the wire
5/15 NYY Tom Tom celebrates too hard, is carried off the field 
5/19 LAD Tom Tom and George win umbrella-baton relay race 
5/19 LAD Abe Abe hitches a “groovy bus” ride to Woodstock
5/20 LAD Abe In Hawaiian shirts, Teddy stops short of the finish line 
5/21 SDG George George Washington pulls away from the pack early
5/22 SDG George George Washington hypnotizes his competition
5/23 SDG Abe Teddy starts strong but Abe wins at the wire
6/5 TAM Tom Abe Lincoln can’t catch Jefferson at the wire
6/6 TAM Tom Jefferson passes Roosevelt and wins easily
6/8 SFG Abe Abe wins wearing Northwestern cape on B1GTEN day
6/9 SFG George Little presidents form a blockade for George Washington
6/10 SFG George George sends other presidents running the wrong way
6/18 NYY Abe Teddy celebrates national picnic week, Abe runs by
6/19 BAL George Washington slams Teddy into the outfield wall
6/20 BAL George Teddy gets winded. George passes him at the finish 
6/21 BAL Abe Abe gets presidents to stop, pose on National Selfie Day
6/22 PHI George George sprints from behind and passes the field
6/23 PHI Tom Presidents stop, do the YMCA on 70s Night
6/24 PHI Abe After Red Card, Teddy blows the penalty kick
7/2 BOS George George gives out free water on record hot day
7/3 BOS Tom Presidents run reverse route in Hawaiian shirts 
7/4 BOS George Washington leads wire to wire on Independence Day
7/5 MIA George George runs his fastest race ever
7/6 MIA George George pulls away from the pack again
7/7 MIA Tom Teddy sicks pet cat on presidents, but it backfires
7/8 MIA Tom Jefferson pulls away in the final pre-All Star Game race
7/17 EXH Tom Futures Game Exhibition: Abe, Teddy Pummeled
7/17 ASG George All Star Game Exhibition: Bunny tackles Teddy
7/20 ATL George George wins in his Hawaiian shirt
7/22 ATL Abe Abe wins after rain delay
7/31 NYM Tom George Washington runs the wrong way
8/1 CIN George George holds off a strong effort by Teddy Roosevelt
8/2 CIN George Teddy jumps in front of the pack but fades fast
8/4 CIN Tom Abe hides in the bullpen, but comes out too late to win
8/4 CIN Tom Jefferson comes from far back to pass Lincoln
8/5 CIN George Presidents wear boxers on National Underwear Day
8/7 ATL Tom Abe stumbles and falls on rescheduled 80s night
8/7 ATL Tom Tom and Abe pass Teddy in the home stretch
8/8 ATL George Teddy distracted by a cat with a ball
8/9 ATL Tom Tom leads wire-to-wire yet again
8/17 MIA Tom In Hawaaian shirts again, Tom runs away with it
8/18 MIA George Brutal massacres by sword on Game of Thrones Night
8/19 MIA Tom Jefferson runs away with it in their Sunday finest
8/21 PHI Teddy After throwing in the towel on 2018, Nats let Teddy win
8/22 PHI Teddy Teddy wins two in a row. Is this a new trend?
8/23 PHI Teddy Unleashed by the Nats, Teddy makes it a series sweep
8/31 MIL Teddy Teddy bring a football, tricks Abe Lincoln Lucy-style
9/1 MIL George On 2000s night, racing presidents do the Cha Cha Slide
9/2 MIL Tom Tom Jefferson passes Abe in Sunday best
9/3 STL Tom In scorching heat, TJ wears shorts & runs away with it
9/4 STL Tom Teddy nearly catches Jefferson at the tape
9/5 STL Teddy Tom and George push and shove, Teddy passes both
9/6 CHI George Teddy fades, George pulls away on GW Night
9/8 CHI George Abe Lincoln runs into the wall in left field
9/8 CHI George Presidents run left again in rare doubleheader
9/13 CHI George In a crazy tight race, George wins by a whisker
9/20 NYM Teddy Teddy flies to victory on Air Force Night
9/21 NYM Abe Lincoln Lager helps Abe on Oktoberfest /Puppetry Day
9/22 NYM George George pulls away from the pack
9/23 NYM George Washington wins again in the rain
9/24 MIA Teddy Teddy’s Garage Sale distracts George, Tom, and Abe
9/25 MIA George Abe and Tom pin Teddy against the outfield wall
9/26 MIA TIE 4 presidents hold hands, cross finish line together


32 Responses

  1. is it appropriate for fans to endeavor to assist in “letting teddy win,” by doing things like tying other presidents’ shoelaces together, setting up confusing road signs, or devising other implements of sabotage?

  2. Don’t ask, don’t tell, I always say. Just remember that Teddy’s been disqualified before, so don’t get caught!

  3. Shouldn’t the standings include the full results (2nd, 3rd, 4th, DQ, DNF, etc)?

  4. danj, I would happily publish such results if I had help collecting the information from at least a couple of full season ticket holders. I wouldn’t want to list such statistics if I had gaps in the season. Today I can update the W-L standings without knowing for sure that I can be at and videotape every race.

    If you’d like to help collect such info, let me know!

  5. I was at one game during that July 2006 homestand against the Cubs, and Teddy won. He totally cheated — came out of nowhere with a golf cart — but he won the race. (That said, I don’t know if that resulted in a DQ.) Three photos from that game:

    And They're Off...
    Walk Softly and Carry a Big Golf Cart
    Victory Is Mine

  6. Those are great photos. I wish I had video of that race for the presidents race videos page because it was the first time Teddy tried to cheat (and yes it was the first time he was disqualified)! I have added one of your great photos to the presidents race facts page (with a link to your photostream).

  7. […] up losing! >:/ (He’s my favorite President for those of you who don’t know)  Hahah, check out the Race Standings.  They even had this campaign to let him win, with Teddy Roosevelt ‘08 signs!  I LOVE […]

  8. I have a video of the Presidents race from August 15th I recorded it with my digital camera

  9. […] Abraham Lincoln was last years champion by a substantial margin and Teddy was always the hard luck loser with nothing to show but a goose egg for 2008. For more Presidential Race statistics visit here […]

  10. This lovable loser stuff has to stop. Teddy don’t win, Nats don’t win……Coincidence??…..I think not.

  11. […] joke in Washington, D.C. — no, not that one — that Teddy Roosevelt never, ever wins the mascot Presidents Race at Nationals […]

  12. […] Teddy has never won the presidents race. […]

  13. […] holds up a campaign rally sign from at Nationals Park. Teddy has never won the presidents race. Clip from Histeria! including the song “Trust-Buster” for Theodore Roosevelt.Video […]

  14. […] Teddy has never won the presidents race. […]

  15. I love the site, and think this is awesome.

    You need to update this page, however…the President’s Race Highlights says 2010, not 2011.

    Keep it up!

  16. […] at the stats of the Presidents Race, Abe and Tom were neck and neck in the “polls” in 2011, with […]

  17. teddy was supposed to win today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dear presidents race fan when do you think teddy will win?

  18. The Nationals have made it clear. It ain’t gonna happen without some kind of intervention. We need a runner to go rogue.

  19. […] to follow, even if I am 2,880 miles away from Nats Park. Now if only Teddy Roosevelt could notch a win in the mascot run…   If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing […]

  20. yes i agree a runner needs to go rouge

  21. Folks — with respect, you need to know that Teddy is NEVER going to win this race. Too many things going against it.

    First of all, is TR himself. Several times, I’ve seen Teddy in the lead, then veer into the stands to talk with some voter who beckoned to him — irresistible to any politician. Another time he wanted a hot dog. Although a great hunter and outdoorsman, he is kind of clumsy. He has tripped over bats, tarps, gloves — and once over nothing. A blade of grass, I think.

    Second, as long as great Americans like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln trip him … shove him aside …ellbow past him .. step on his heels — he cannot win. Once, the noble Thomas Jefferson pulled Teddy down from behind by the collar! In football, it would be a personal foul. In politics, all’s fair.

    TR Fans — Teddy Roosevelt will simply NEVER win this race. Between his own varying attentions, and his surprisingly less than scrupulous opponents, he simply can’t.

    Ask Victoria’s Secret to sell full-coverage khaki jump suits … ask the birds to fly backward … ask the Man in the Moon to kiss the Sun … ask Barry Obama to be responsible, truthful, and fair – and to take responsibility for a 16 Trillion Dollar Deficit … but don’t ever expect Theodore Roosevelt to win that foot race at Nationals Park. The Laws of Nature, Physics, and Politics just won’t have it!


  22. TEDDY WON!!!

  23. One great aspect about the President’s Race, besides showing icons of this great country cheating and winning by pushing downing the other guy (you know, getting ahead by any means – – something we need to teach the children), is it adds in a big way to the carnival atmosphere of Nationals Park. Baseball can only survive by offering more than baseball. The 7th inning stretch needs to include a tractor pull in center field.

  24. […] Lincoln lost Best Picture at the Oscars, and now he has yet to win a president’s race in 23 tries, falling behind even notorious racing loser Teddy Roosevelt and newcomer Taft. The Nationals’ […]

  25. How is it that perhaps the most physically fit and vigorous president ever to have held office is tied for last? And the single fattest president is tied with him!?!

  26. Can someone please tell me what the song is they play after Abe wins a race? Thank you.

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