Video: Teddy Roosevelt dresses for the royal wedding

Nationals racing president Teddy Roosevelt wears a royal wedding guest hatOn the day of the royal wedding in England, Teddy Roosevelt paid tribute to Prince William and his new bride Kate Middleton by donning one of her favorite hats and waving stiff-armed to the crowd throughout the entire presidents race Friday night at Nationals Park.

With Jason Marquis and the Washington Nationals efficiently shutting out the world champion San Francisco Giants in the 4th inning, Teddy emerged for the presidents race wearing a stunning red hat that bore a striking resemblance to one last seen a few thousand miles away at Windsor Castle.

Teddy took a commanding lead as the crowd of 21,399 cheered him on, but the waving to the crowd slowed him down, and Abe Lincoln raced by to take the lead in the season standings.

Photo and video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

Abe slams into Teddy, George wins

A race that was otherwise free of gimmicks got briefly ugly Wednesday night at Nationals Park.

Just after George Washington passed Teddy Roosevelt in the right field corner, Abe Lincoln came from behind and slammed Teddy into the wall, knocking off Roosevelt’s glasses.

The race also marked the first appearance of the “new look” presidents at Nationals Park this season. They first made their appearance after the 2010 all star break, but had not been used in an official race this year. No comment from the team on when or why the “botox” presidents are used.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

Video: “That Cat” returns, takes out Teddy Roosevelt

DC fans going through baseball withdrawal welcomed home the Washington Nationals Tuesday night to kick off a seven game homestand vs. the Mets and Giants at Nationals Park.

Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt square off in the Nationals presidents raceThat Cat tackles Teddy RooseveltAbe Lincoln plays Connect FourTeddy Roosevelt likely felt that warm feeling as well, drawing huge cheers from the crowd despite missing the starting signal and jumping the gun for the 4th-inning presidents race.

He didn’t know the welcome he was about to receive.

Waiting in ambush along the first baseline was Teddy’s longtime nemesis “That Cat,” making his first appearance at Nationals Park since August of last year.

The cat was being held back by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson on the sidelines, but after Abe Lincoln passed by, they unleashed him on poor Teddy.

As That Cat celebrated his take-down of the Rough Rider, Abe took the win displaying a Connect Four game board for the Nationals Park faithful, popping four discs into it before exiting the field. The significance was probably lost on the crowd, but after his slow start to the season, Abe wanted the other presidents to take note that he’d come back to tie the season standings at 4-4-4.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

Racing presidents offer no competition in Pierogie relay

The Washington Nationals racing presidents all showed up at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park for an Easter Sunday relay race vs. the Pirates’ racing Pierogies.

Abe and Teddy ran the anchor legs as George and Tom joined their annual visit to Pittsburgh, but the presidents never had a chance. Cheese Chester flew by his top-heavy rivals to claim the hometown victory.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

Pierogies show up racing presidents in Pittsburgh

It’s been a tough and bizarre week for the Washington Nationals, who’ve had trouble finding their rhythm in the face of weather postponements, canceled off days and three unscheduled double-headers.

Pittsburgh Racing Pierogies vs Washington Racing Presidents at PNC ParkSo too for the racing presidents, who continued a tradition of joining the Nats as they visited Pittsburgh’s PNC Park on Friday only to get rained out; but Saturday night, Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt were on hand to finally kick off the series with an unofficial foot race vs. two of Pittsburgh’s racing pierogies, Cheese Chester and Jalapeño Hannah.

As for that bad rhythm, Teddy Roosevelt completely ignored the starter’s call and jumped out to a huge lead, but ran out of gas mid-race and was passed by the field, with Jalapeño Hannah taking the tape for the Pierogies.

And for the record, thank goodness the Nationals’ PA announcer doesn’t sound like this guy:

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

Video: Teddy’s body slam on the un-racing sausage

They say baseball isn’t a violent sport, but followers of the Nationals Presidents race during the just-completed homestand might disagree. After Teddy Roosevelt put the full body slam on “No-lish sausage” Sunday, I was overwhelmed by requests from bloodthirsty fans to see it again in slow motion. Without further adieu (and without passing judgement):

Teddy takes out his frustrations on Milwaukee’s sausages

The Nationals hosted a rare doubleheader vs. the Milwaukee Brewers on Sunday at Nationals Park, and if you’re a Nats fan, you couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon of baseball and presidents race excitement.

Teddy manning the barbeque by Kirsten Rae IrwinIn fact, even Teddy fans got to taste a little sweet victory — not in the standings, but in the form of revenge against those cocky racing sausages from Wisconsin.

In the first race, the “un-racing sausages” jumped out to a big lead, followed closely by Teddy Roosevelt; but nine (9!) mascots from other local teams were waiting for them in ambush, and gang-tackled them all as they reached the home stretch.

Teddy had a clear path to the finish line, but chose instead to put a full body slam on “No-lish Sausage,” who’d already been knocked to the ground. George sneaked by for the win.

It was a convincing hit, and may be the only time Teddy’s fans have cheered him enthusiastically for blowing a race.

The other teams’ mascots were on
Mascots at Nationals Parkhand to help celebrate Screech’s birthday, and included Uncle Slam (Potomac Nationals), Pinch (Southern Maryland Blue Crabs), Talon (DC United), Testudo (University of Maryland), The Patriot (George Mason University), Jack (Georgetown University), George (George Washington University), Clawed Z. Eagle (American University), and YoUDee (University of Delaware).

In the second game, “Un-italian Sausage” replaced Teddy in a race against George, Tom, and Abe, and had the lead heading into the home stretch, but Teddy was waiting in foul territory, tending a kettle grill filled with sausages.

As the sausage ran by, Teddy nonchalantly lifted his arm and clotheslined the imposter, eliciting gasps from the crowd as Abe ran by for the victory.

The Nats now hit the road as a winning ball club for the first time in memory. Perhaps Teddy will be inspired and get back in the race by the 26th when the next homestand begins vs. the New York Mets.

Teddy photo courtesy of Kirsten Rae Irwin.
Mascot photo and videos courtesy of YouTube member lfahome.

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