Phillies fan ejected for punching Thomas Jefferson during presidents race

It wasn’t a complete invasion, but busloads of Philadelphia fans were among the 24,875 at Nationals Park Thursday night to see Cliff Lee and Jordan Zimmermann go at it in the final game of the Nationals’ series vs. the Phillies.

Phillies fan reaches from stands, hits Nationals racing president Thomas JeffersonThe notorious boo-birds have earned a reputation for importing disruptive behavior to Nationals Park, and Thursday night was no exception, as the local MASN broadcast caught a spectator reaching into the field of play during the fourth-inning presidents race.

The fan appears to be reaching for a high five, then cocks his arm and slams Thomas Jefferson squarely in the face:

The fan wasn’t wearing team gear, but can there be any doubt where he’s from? UPDATE: We’re told that Nationals Park security “swarmed” him and immediately ejected him from the park.

After getting hit, Jefferson spun around but maintained his balance. Teddy Roosevelt was nearly able to take advantage and grab the victory, but he was outpaced by Abraham Lincoln in the stretch.

UPDATE: Confirmed.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

30 Responses

  1. I saw security swarm this guy and throw him out…he wasn’t laughing when that happened!! Stupid Phillies fans, stay home!

  2. Yeah, there can be a doubt. You don’t know if they were a Phillies fan, they had no team stuff on. So don’t make assumptions unless you know for sure. For all we know it could be someone who’s rooting for the Nats or someone who doesn’t care about who’s playing.

    • Well his 3 friends with him were all decked out in Phillies gear, so safe to say he was a Philthy Phillies Phan too!

      • Nowhere in any of those photos or videos does it show that guy next to three phillies fans. At least come up with real evidence to support your cheap shots at Philly phans…. If you want to see classless fans, go to the Verizon center and check out how caps fans behave… They were chucking beer bottles at Jeff Carter After game 7 a few years back….

  3. Nats have been doing the President’s Race for years and years and years and the Nats fans have been nothing but excellent to them.

    There can be no doubt. I phind the Phillies phans guilty.

  4. Drop off that Philthy fan across the river. Malcolm X Avenue in SE is good.

  5. You guys are ridiculous. I have seen all kinds of fans, including Nats fans try to hit and hit the Presidents before. They do it during pictures with them, or as they are walking by. So because the Phillies happen to be in town when this happens it must be a Phillies fan right? I guess that is a safe bet since there are always more Phillies fans then Nats fans at those games. you know what they say when you assume things.

  6. Of course it was a phillies fan. Nats fans don’t go to games.

    • They’re all caps fans now, even though 4 years ago thy didn’t even know dc had a hockey team….

      • Pot. Kettle. Phillies fans didn’t come out to support their team until they got good. They had to give away tickets to get people to come.

      • Hey chief we never had our owner going on radio BEGGING opposing fans to come to Philly…. Do nats fans EVER make uP the majority of the fans in their own ballpark? Also 2006-2007 flyers have their worst season in franchise history and STILL had a full arena that year. Show me an example of caps fans going during tough times.

    • Not true. I was at the game and saw 4 or 5 Nats fans. One of them asked me how long halftime was.

  7. Philly Phan,

    You’re an idiot…the 3 fans sitting directly next to him, in his same row were all PHILLIES FANS! I saw it with my own eye. All you see in the video is the stupid Philly fan’s arm!

    Thanks for confirming what we all knew about Philthy Phillie Phans!

    • Save your breath, his is typical Philly logic (10,000+ losses will do that). Give it time. Everyone has cellphone video, something will be posted. Even then you know Philly Phan will whine “he wasn’t wearing a Phillies jersey there’s no proof boohoohoo.”

      • DC Kalas Removal Machine?
        You want to talk about being classless? You’re making fun of a legend dying in your stadium. HarryKalas is 50 times the man Bob Carpenter and that other joke of a Nats announcer could ever be!

        Don’t go calling Philly fans jerks while being a complete jerk at the same time. Its called hypocrisy.

        Making fun of 10,000 losses? Once again, this thing called hypocrisy. Speak to me when you guys have a winning season.

    • Oh you saw it with your own eyes? No proof other than your word? So I can just make up things about nats fans without proof? By the way, caps “fans” are the definition of class acts!

      • I loved getting your goat! 🙂 Baaaa. Harry Kalas 2010 biography “Harry The K” by Randy Miller covered lots of boozing and cheating. Some hero.

      • You see you go and call us classless and then you go and trash a legend like that. Please keep in mind that you guys employed Dibble, one of the biggest douches to ever announce a game. Theres a reason Harry Kalas will go into the broadcasters hall of fame, something that will never happen with that stiff Bob Carpenter. Harry Kalas also was the narrator for NFL Films. What outside work did Carpenter do?

      • I’m not going to say anything bad about Kalas, but for what it’s worth, “that stiff” Carpenter called baseball for 15 years on ESPN, has won 2 Emmys, and designed the definitive baseball broadcaster scorebooks that are used in most press boxes today (and by MLB scouts).

  8. DC Kalas Removal Machine should be found and severely beaten to within inches of his life for such a classless handle.

    • My name good sir can finally be revealed, for I am Thomas Jefferson. Beat me “within inches of my life” if you must, but please do not kiss me while doing so. The concept of a city of Brotherly Love is a frightening thing to a man of peace and freedom such as myself. Now if you will excuse me I have to grow hemp and and write important papers.

  9. It was a Mets fan. They hate freedom.

  10. Alas we can be sure it was a Phillies phan. Who else attends those games?

  11. philly fans can kiss my ass and suck my dick. All of them.

  12. also, the whole kalas thing was the only good thing about opening day last year.

  13. it was a phillies phan

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