Video: Abe Lincoln shoves his way to presidents race victory

Washington Nationals Presidents Race Thomas Jefferson tackled Teddy RoosveltWashington Nationals Presidents Race Abe Lincoln CheatsAbraham Lincoln returned to form Sunday at Nationals Park — cheating form, that is.

In a race more fitting for a roller derby, “Honest” Abe took out George Washington with an anabashed body check along the outfield wall, clearing a path to victory after Thomas Jefferson had taken out Teddy Roosevelt in similar fashion. As has become the custom, corrupt race judge Screech turned a cheek and failed to disqualify Lincoln.

Abe’s third victory in the last four races helped Lincoln keep pace with season leader Washington as the team hits the road for the week. Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

Video: Teddy Roosevelt surprises kids at Big Train camp, loses

Teddy Roosevelt at Go Big Train Baseball CampWashington Nationals racing president Teddy Roosevelt livened up a hot Friday for a bunch of campers today by making a surprise appearance at the Bethesda Big Train Summer Baseball Camp.

The highlight of the visit was a race between the most notorious of the racing Rushmores and a couple of dozen campers barely taller than Teddy’s chest.

The great Bull Moose jumped out to a quick lead, but sadly could not keep up with the little ones, who seemed determined to keep his winless streak intact.

Thanks to Cheryl Nichols for the photo.

Video: BethesdaBigTrain

Video: “Free Apple Pie” pulls Teddy Roosevelt off course

Racing president Teddy Roosevelt distracted by Mets Apple PieWashington Nationals Racing president Teddy Roosevelt distracted by Mets Apple PieOver 36,000 loyal fans battled the heat to pack Nationals Park Thursday as the Nats hosted a rare weekday afternoon game vs. the New York Mets.

Unfortunately, the stifling heat had little apparent effect on Teddy Roosevelt’s appetite.

The Bull Moose held a big lead as he rounded the outfield corner, but a fan in a Mets shirt held up a sign near the finish line that proved his undoing.

The promise of “Free Apple Pie” was enough to pull Teddy off course, and Thomas Jefferson raced past for the victory.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

Video: Abe Lincoln as Batman knocks out Teddy Roosevelt’s Bane

Abe Lincoln as Batman The Dark KnightTeddy Abe Bane Batman Dark KnightYes, you read that correctly. With the highly anticipated Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises opening in theaters Friday, Nationals racing presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Abe Lincoln took the field Wednesday night dressed as Batman comics villain Bane and the Dark Knight himself, respectively.

Roosevelt jumped out to a big lead, with Abe bringing up the rear. As the finish line approached, Teddy/Bane turned to knock out George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, but Lincoln/Batman caught up to Teddy and took him down, leaving Jefferson with an open path to victory.

The mascot team has a history of saluting popular culture with the presidents race. Wednesday’s movie tie-in led some in the stands and on Twitter wonder whether the Nationals have begun selling presidents race product placements, but rest assured no sponsor would pay for costumes this bad.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

NPR Charts Teddy Roosevelt’s Losses

Over the weekend, I noticed that NPR’s data journalist Matt Stiles had created a data set based on this blog (yes, I find these things). His plans weren’t clear until yesterday, when he published Charting Presidential Mascot Races at The Daily Viz.

Presidents race results chart by Matt Stiles

Let Teddy Win Word TreeStiles says he tries to create a data visualization every day, and the above chart does a nice job of visualizing Abe Lincoln’s slow decline.

Stiles also set up a link where you can create word trees from the blog based on any keyword you choose.

Check it out …if you want to waste your lunch hour.

Presidents race on tandem bikes, George & Tom take the tape

Nationals Presidents race on tandem bikesNationals Presidents race on tandem bikes for 2Abe Lincoln has a reputation for pushing and shoving his way to the finish line, but pair him with Teddy Roosevelt for a night, and the Great Emancipator becomes a pussycat. Whether it’s a relay race or a shared bike ride, Lincoln has never one when teamed with Teddy. Coincidence? Hardly.

The team kicked off the second half of its home season Tuesday with a thrilling 10-inning victory over the New York Mets, and while the presidents livened things up by trotting out the tandem bikes, the result was more of the same. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson cruised to victory, and Teddy picked up loss #485.

Video by YouTube member lfahome

Full Video: Teddy Roosevelt clobbering Milwaukee sausage in the All Star Game Great Mascot Race

Here it is. The full video from Kaufman Stadium in Kansas City where Teddy Roosevelt clobbered Milwaukee’s Bratwurst as part of the MLB Great Mascot Race at the All Star Game Home Run Derby.

After years of beating up on fake racing sausages, Teddy obviously decided a shot at the real thing was worth taking the loss.


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