Video: On throwback night, Teddy and Abe Lincoln’s mummy pay tribute to 1924 (Founding fathers not impressed)

Thursday was throwback night at Nationals Park, as the Washington Nationals and San Francisco Giants turned back the clock to commemorate the 1924 World Series between the Senators and then-New York Giants.

Abe Lincoln Washington Nationals Presidents Race MummyTeddy and Abe Lincoln Washington Nationals Presidents Race 1924

Nationals Park black and white 1924 scoreboard

The Nationals Park scoreboard video was in grainy black & white for 1924 throwback night

The Nats left no stone unturned, from the usher and grounds crew uniforms, to the organ music, to the throwback green and white scoreboard which, other than the black and white replays, appeared to be manually operated. Even former Senators P.A. announcer Charlie Brotman returned to the microphone.

And just as the Senators came from behind to steal game 7 with a walk-off on a bad hop, the Nats engineered a commemorative bad-hop walk-off of their own to sweep the series.

The only presidents race in 1924 involved Calvin Coolidge, so when the fourth inning came around, the Nationals’ presidents had to come up with a commemoration of their own.

With the scoreboard showing the live race in black & white, Abraham Lincoln emerged wrapped as a mummy in a 1924 Senators jersey, chased by Teddy Roosevelt aboard a scooter (turns out Tutankhamun’s mummy was discovered in 1924, the same year the scooter was invented).

Founding fathers Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, who rightfully don’t think 1924 qualifies for nostalgia, ignored the shenanigans and dashed for the finish line, with GW taking the tape by a nose, then doing the Charleston with NatPack member Katie Albisu.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

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