Canine Teddy fan wins Fan of the Game at Pups in the Park

If the 2012 elections were held today, Teddy Roosevelt has an early “leg up” on the canine vote.

Cachucha the pug of Adams Morgan at the Nationals Park Pups in the Park Day photo by Johanna DiazAdams Morgan pug Cachucha brought her owner Johanna Diaz to Nationals Park for Saturday’s “Pups in the Park” day, decked out to support her favorite racing president, Teddy Roosevelt.

Cachucha took the pre-game parade seriously, sporting an elaborate “float” that included a Teddy Roosevelt bobblehead doll mounted on her back.

“She was really hoping her float would give him an edge for a win,” said Diaz.
Let Teddy Win Dog T-Shirt“She was soaking in the glory of being on the field, and sending some good vibes for Teddy.”

Sadly, the pups simply proved to be a distraction for Roosevelt, but Cachucha got a consolation prize: She was featured on the HD scoreboard and voted fan of the game by the Nationals Park crowd.

“Teddy has always been her favorite,” added Diaz. “If she could wear a monocle, she would.”

With three more Pups in the Park promotions scheduled for this summer, perhaps Cachucha can start a whole canine cheering section for our favorite president.

…and if a float isn’t your dog’s thing, there’s always the Let Teddy Win T-Shirt for dogs (above).

Nationals Park photo courtesy of Johanna Diaz

Video: Pups in the Park proves distracting for animal lover Teddy Roosevelt

Pups in the Park at Nationals ParkHundreds of dogs and their owners got to witness another walk-off win for the Nationals Saturday as the team’s annual Pups in the Park promotion returned to Nationals Park.

Barkley, the canine mascot of the Washington Humane Society, was on hand to assist with the day’s festivities, but proved to be a distraction for fellow mascot and noted animal lover Teddy Roosevelt. B

Barkley and Teddy were busy playing in the outfield as the fourth-inning presidents race got underway. Roosevelt failed to compete as George Washington took the tape.

The sellout event, in which tickets and accommodations are provided for dogs and their owners, has been expanded to four dates this season. Dog tickets are still available for June 2 against the Atlanta Braves, July 7 against the Colorado Rockies and Sept. 22 against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Photo by Flickr member Devilish Wahoo

Video: Teddy gives priority to National High Five Day

Thursday was National High Five Day, and even if presidents race fans are unfamiliar with the holiday, it should come as no surprise that it did not escape the attention of one Theodore Roosevelt.

When the presidents were announced for Thursday night’s race at Nationals Park, Teddy failed to appear on the field. As George, Tom, and Abe paused to look up at the Nationals Park HD scoreboard, Teddy appeared on the concourse, still giving out high fives to fans.

In a sprint to a photo finish, George Washington took his second victory of the young season.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

Wire to wire with no shenanigans

The smallest crowd of the season got to witness an increasing rarity Wednesday night at Nationals Park. The Nationals racing presidents ran wire to wire with no tricks, gimmicks, or foul play.

Teddy Roosevelt got a hot start but showboated early, skipping and taking a wide turn out of the center field gate. The pause proved costly in the stretch, as the Bull Moose put on a late charge but didn’t have quite enough left to catch Abe Lincoln.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

Video: Teddy stops to look for the Shuttle Discovery

Teddy Roosevelt looks for the Space Shuttle during the Presidents Race - photo by Cheryl NicholsThe Space Shuttle Discovery’s flight to its final resting place went right over South Capital Street Tuesday morning, but Teddy Roosevelt must have missed the spectacle, because when the presidents race began just before 8:00pm at Nationals Park, Roosevelt was still looking up.

As they promised they would from time to time, the Nationals reversed the direction of the fourth-inning race, and this time, Teddy got the memo, jumping out to an early lead along the left field warning track.

But Teddy stopped shortly after the race began to look up at the skies. It was only through the prompting of PA Announcer Jerome Hruska that Teddy got back to running, but by then it was too late. In a photo finish, Jefferson edged George Washington for the win.

Photo courtesy Cheryl Nichols/DistrictSportsPage
Video courtesy YouTube member lfahome

Video: Washington turns on Jefferson in the outfield

Washington Nationals Presidents Race: George Washington turns on Thomas Jefferson on Emancipation DayWashington Nationals Presidents Race: George Washington tackles Thomas Jefferson in the outfield on Emancipation DayIt was Emancipation Day Monday, and followers of the Washington Nationals presidents race were calling on Twitter for an easy commemorative victory for Abraham Lincoln.

It took a little unexpected help from two slave owners to make it happen.

After jumping to an early lead, George Washington turned around on the warning track and plowed right into Thomas Jefferson, knocking him into the outfield wall and leaving both on the ground.

With George and Tom out of the way, the Great Emancipator sprinted past Roosevelt for the win.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

Video: Werth runs across the finish line. Teddy doesn’t.

As promised, here’s the full video of today’s presidents race, in which Jayson Werth busted across the finish line before the race began.

Perhaps Werth was trying to silently protest on behalf of the Bull Moose Party. Perhaps he was trying to set an example for Teddy. Either way, Roosevelt failed to deliver, cutting the outfield corner to take the lead, but then tripping short of the finish line.

Teddy is now the only racing president without a victory in 2012.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

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