2013 Results & Highlights

Coming off a historic finish to the 2012 season, the Nationals introduced a new racing president, William Howard Taft, to the mix for the 2013.  Neither Taft nor Roosevelt tasted victory early on, but along the way, the presidents were visited by Teddy’s great great grandson Winthrop, HBO’s VEEP Selina Myer, The Orioles Bird, The Racing Pierogies, That Cat, a giant cicada, Mr. Kool Aid, the Sharknado, Martha Washington, Sharky, the grounds crew, Teddy’s pet moose Bullee, a rally pigeon, and a dozen other mascots from the DC area..

2013 Presidents Race Standings

George Washington 25
Abraham Lincoln 23
Thomas Jefferson 13
William Howard Taft 11
Teddy Roosevelt 11

2013 Presidents Race Highlights

4/1 MIA George Winthrop Roosevelt no help, Taft pushes Teddy around
4/3 MIA Tom George exacts revenge on Taft. Still, Teddy doesn’t win.
4/4 MIA George Tom, George collude to give Washington the victory
4/9 CWS George/Tom HBO’s VEEP Selina Myer teams with Teddy for relay race
4/10 CWS George Washington edges Taft at the finish
4/11 CWS Tom George and Abe hold hands, skip across the finish line
4/12 ATL George George takes out Teddy and Taft on the way to victory
4/13 ATL Tom Teddy, Taft get revenge on George Washington
4/14 ATL Tom Mascots visit for Screech’s birthday, pummel presidents
4/22 STL Tom Abe sets a trap for Teddy Roosevelt on Earth Day
4/23 STL Tom Presidents switch directions, Jefferson gets cocky
4/24 STL George Nats get superstitious, presidents race runs left again
4/25 CIN George Presidents race run in reverse to stop Nats losing streak
4/26 CIN George Caught on video: Jefferson trips, then jumps the gun
4/27 CIN George Presidents run in reverse again as win streak extended
4/28 CIN George Presidents run in reverse, but Nats lose series finale
5/8 DET George/Tom Presidents recall “The Hangover,” George assaults Bill
5/9 DET George Presidents race with cinnamon again to thwart Tigers
5/10 CHI George Abe attacks Bill and Teddy, George wins photo finish
5/11 CHI Bill Taft notches his first-ever presidents race victory
5/12 CHI Teddy Teddy collects his first victory in dizzy bat race
5/24 PHI Bill William Howard Taft leads wire to wire
5/25 PHI Abe Abe Lincoln cheats his way to his first victory of the year
5/26 PHI George Jefferson diverts other presidents as George wins
5/27 BAL Teddy Teddy carries flag across finish line on Memorial Day
5/28 BAL Tom Orioles Bird tackles 4 presidents, struggles with Taft
6/4 NYM George George & Abe in photo finish aboard Capital Bikeshares
6/5 NYM Abe That Cat returns to attack Teddy Roosevelt at the wire
6/8 MIN Teddy Teddy Roosevelt comes from behind to get win #3
6/9 MIN George Cicada invades Nationals Park, trips up Teddy
6/9 MIN Abe Teddy goes after cicada with swatter, gets swatted back
6/20 COL George Presidents struggle with obstacle course on Army Night
6/21 COL Bill Taft enlists Kool Aid Man on the first day of summer
6/22 COL Abe Abe Lincoln pays tribute to… Sweden?
6/23 COL Teddy “Rally Cicada” helps Teddy win, inspires Nats reserves
6/25 ARI Tom Tom attaches speed parachutes to his competition
6/26 ARI Abe Racing presidents prancersize across the finish line
6/27 ARI Abe Abe commemorates decommissioning of Route 66
7/1 MIL Tom Tom kicks off the 2nd half of the season with a W
7/2 MIL Teddy Abe slams Taft to the warning track with a folding chair
7/3 MIL Bill Taft plows into Teddy, competing for Twitter followers
7/4 MIL George
7/5 SDG Abe Abe flattens Teddy in the outfield. Taft, Tom follow suit
7/6 SDG Bill Rally cicada returns, gives Taft a water cooler weapon
7/7 SDG George Everybody cheats except for George Washington
7/19 LAD Abe Sharknado invades Nationals Park
7/20 LAD Bill Bill has presidents hand out cold water and freezer pops
7/21 LAD George Martha Washington teases Tom but cools down George
7/22 PIT Abe Teddy takes out visiting pierogies with fork and knife
7/23 PIT Abe Teddy is ambushed by Pittsburgh’s racing pierogies
7/24 PIT George Washington runs anchor in relay vs. Pierogies
7/25 PIT Bill Presidents run left, Teddy “stumbles” at the finish line
7/26 NYM Abe Cicada returns to attack Teddy, and misses
7/26 NYM Bill Cicada chases presidents left, where sharknado attacks
7/27 NYM George Lincoln leaps from the stands to tackle Teddy Roosevelt
7/28 NYM Abe George tries to cheat on a bike, but wipes out
8/5 ATL Teddy Teddy dons Shark outfit, attacks Taft on Shark Week
8/6 ATL George “Sharky” takes out all of George’s competition
8/7 ATL Bill “Sharky” mans the starting gate, Bill runs away with it
8/9 PHI Tom Lincoln, dressed as Batman, knocks out Sharknado
8/10 PHI Abe Teddy flees from Sharky
8/11 PHI Teddy Teddy exacts revenge to close out Shark Week
8/13 SFG George Taft muscles aside Tom and Teddy, but falls himself
8/14 SFG Bill Taft pulls away in a laugher
8/15 SFG Abe Teddy, Taft cause a jam up in the starting gate
8/27 MIA Abe Lincoln leads wire to wire
8/28 MIA Abe Lincoln inches out Jefferson in photo finish sprint
8/29 MIA Abe Lincoln takes the short path as Tom veers wide
8/30 NYM Tom Teddy’s pet moose Bullee takes out the competition
8/31 NYM Abe Abe Lincoln cheats his way into contention – pushes Taft
9/1 NYM Teddy Grounds crew jumps presidents, Teddy stumbles ahead
9/13 PHI George Taft is Jason, dons hockey mask for Friday the 13th
9/14 PHI Abe Lincoln makes balloon animals for Pups in the Park
9/15 PHI Teddy In year’s “best” race Teddy dives across the finish line
9/17 ATL Abe Abe comes from behind to outpace George
9/17 ATL Abe Pigeon trips Teddy, Abe takes two to stay alive
9/18 ATL Bill Fake finish line nabs Teddy. Taft steals the victory.
9/19 MIA Abe Lincoln clobbers George Washington with a baton
9/20 MIA Abe Lincoln showboats, wins race from left field bullpen
9/22 MIA Teddy Bully the Moose takes out Abe Lincoln
9/22 MIA Teddy Teddy shoves Bully aside in relay vs. all star villains

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