2006 Race Videos

Presidents Race Videos – 2006 Season

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Presidents Race Debut Weekend, July 2006
Early Presidents Race with scoreboard introduction
Early Presidents Race, July 2006
Presidents Race, final homestand of 2006

Presidents Race Debut Weekend, July 2006

The video above by YouTube user HenryBasenji is of the 2nd live presidents race ever, July 22, 2006 at the Washington Nationals game vs. the Chicago Cubs. The live action race had debuted the night before, as part of the “Paint the Town Red” Grand Reopening of RFK Stadium. Teddy appears to pull up limp at the finish. None of us in the crowd realized at the time that this was the beginning of a very long streak of disappointments for our 26th president.

Early Presidents Race

This 2006 video by YouTube user squidpants shows the full scoreboard “teaser” sponsored by GEICO, in which the racing presidents are shown outside RFK Stadium, passing famous DC landmarks on their way to the finish line inside the ball park.

Early Presidents Race

This video by luismsm was one of the first Presidents Races from July, 2006 at RFK Stadium. Teddy takes the early lead but runs out of gas.

Presidents Race, final homestand of 2006 (2 Views):

The Nationals have been eliminated from the playoffs, but the inaugural season lead remained undecided with Abe Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson running neck and neck in presidents race victories. The two videos above are different angles of the same race captured by DolanMrs and HenryBasenji. Teddy emerges first from right field, but stops to shake hands with the crowd as the other presidents race by him. Thomas Jefferson showboats to the finish line to put himself in a position to pass Abraham Lincoln with two games remaining in the season.

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