Petraeus and Broadwell: Teddy fans

David Petraeus throws out the first pitch at Nationals Park on Military Appreciation Day September 9, 2012 (AP)

David Petraeus throws out the first pitch at Nationals Park on Military Appreciation Day September 9, 2012 (AP)

Turns out General David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell were members of the Let Teddy Win movement. According to a new article by Dave Kindred, Petraeus, a known fitness freak, was asked about Teddy before a planned visit to Nationals Park on the team’s Military Appreciation Day in September.

Communicating through Broadwell, Kindred asked if Petraeus would be doing one of those segments where he coaches Teddy Roosevelt before the race. Broadwell told Kindred that Petraeus “insists he won’t coach unless the Nats let Teddy win.”

So that’s one thing that worked out well for them this fall.

Teddy Roosevelt Nominated for MLB Greatness in Baseball Award. Voting is Open.

Major League Baseball has nominated Teddy Roosevelt for a 2012 Greatness in Baseball (GIBBY) award.

MLB GIBBY AwardIt’s not MVP or even Comeback Player of the Year, but Teddy Roosevelt’s historic first victory has been nominated in the “Oddity of the Year” category.

The Nationals seem likely to take the category. Teddy’s big moment is competing against Michael Morse’s “phantom” home run just a few days earlier in St. Louis.

Voting is open now.

Teddy loses to GMU Patriot. Crowd boos.

Teddy Roosevelt’s unprecedented post-season winning streak apparently doesn’t extend beyond the Nationals Park presidents race, but the Rough Rider’s popularity clearly does.

The University of Virginia Cavaliers basketball team visited the George Mason Patriots Friday night, and the Patriot Center crowd was treated to a dance competition between Nationals racing presidents Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and GMU’s mascot The Patriot.

Teddy drew extended cheers from the Patriot Center crowd, and when The Patriot was declared the winner, booing ensued.

In a basketball shootout that followed, The Patriot tackled Teddy.

Videos courtesy of YouTube member lfahome


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