Nationals introduce 5th president – John F. Kennedy

9 thoughts on “Nationals introduce 5th president – John F. Kennedy”

  1. It is not funny to lampoon a president who was slain during recent history. I remember the event very well.

    This was in very, very bad taste.

  2. @Nat Be Thy Name:

    So, 47+ years is “recent history”? Boy, I’m glad the Nats weren’t doing the GEICO Presidents Race in 1912. You sure would be a real stick in the mud.

    It’s not like Lincoln was racing against Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy, was it?

    1. And btw Lincoln passed away 146 years ago tomorrow April 15. At what point did it become okay that a fallen President become big headed muppet? I guess more than 47 years but less than 146. What’s with some people about JFK anyway? Give it a rest.

  3. I want to see the REAL Bill Clinton do the race. That would be incredible. Bushes are sad, not funny, and Jimmy Carter’s just too old for running around a ballpark.

    And Obama would wear that ChiSox cap so he’s out too.

  4. I think the fifth president introduced should have been FDR in a wheelchair. But you know people would have complained about that also.

    It seems to me it was pretty thoughtless to have JFK be thuggish the very next day after a fan was ejected for punching.

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