Presidents to race Ringling Bros. clowns Wednesday night

One thought on “Presidents to race Ringling Bros. clowns Wednesday night”

  1. If your family love elephants like mine, then going to any circus events is the last place you should go. Once you see those photos of a Ringling Bros baby elephant training session it will make you sick. No one knew that this was how the circus trained their exotic animals. They have always said they use food reward, patience and love. If your children saw how these baby elephants are trained they would be screaming and crying in horror watching the animals they love being hooked, hit, jabbed with bullhooks, and shocked with an electric prod, just to make them entertain them.
    The Manager of Ringling Center for Elephant Conservation in Florida testified in a 2009 federal trial, they “do not” videotaped the elephant training sessions. It would be hard to explain in the modern world. Little did he know that one of his long time elephant trainers would release dozen of photos showing these baby elephants being tortured trained at Ringling’s CEC facility.

    Click to access haddockDeclarationRedacted.pdf

    All elephant lovers should go to the IMAX theater to see in 3D “Born to be Wild”. They will learn about how orphaned baby elephants are raised by Keepers and when old enough returned to the wild.

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