Video: “That Cat” returns, takes out Teddy Roosevelt

DC fans going through baseball withdrawal welcomed home the Washington Nationals Tuesday night to kick off a seven game homestand vs. the Mets and Giants at Nationals Park.

Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt square off in the Nationals presidents raceThat Cat tackles Teddy RooseveltAbe Lincoln plays Connect FourTeddy Roosevelt likely felt that warm feeling as well, drawing huge cheers from the crowd despite missing the starting signal and jumping the gun for the 4th-inning presidents race.

He didn’t know the welcome he was about to receive.

Waiting in ambush along the first baseline was Teddy’s longtime nemesis “That Cat,” making his first appearance at Nationals Park since August of last year.

The cat was being held back by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson on the sidelines, but after Abe Lincoln passed by, they unleashed him on poor Teddy.

As That Cat celebrated his take-down of the Rough Rider, Abe took the win displaying a Connect Four game board for the Nationals Park faithful, popping four discs into it before exiting the field. The significance was probably lost on the crowd, but after his slow start to the season, Abe wanted the other presidents to take note that he’d come back to tie the season standings at 4-4-4.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

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