Abe Lincoln harrasses the GEICO Gecko once again

One thought on “Abe Lincoln harrasses the GEICO Gecko once again”

  1. Help!!!!!!

    Are the sets of (4) “mini”-size Racing Presidents bobbleheads still available anywhere??!… These were only about 4-5″ tall at most, and sold in 2008 and 2009 in little (4) packs.

    I’m in a panic…

    I was at Nats Park yesterday (7/3/10), but was heartbroken to learn these sets of (4) no longer seem to be sold anymore (at least, at the ballpark)! Oh no!!! I promised a seven year old child that I would get her a set, just like her young friend has, and assumed it would be a matter buying a set next time at a home game.

    The folks who work at the concession stands and stores mean well, but aren’t always consistent in they tell customers, so I’m not sure if they are available, or not.

    Question #1 – Has anyone seen them at the stadium in 2010?
    Question #2 – If you own a set, could you possible EXAMINE it carefully for me and see if any item# / manufacturer info is imprinted on them and post an reply here?

    THANK YOU!!!!

    ps: These are not the 2007 RFK giveaway Racing Presidents bobbleheads, and not the “big head” style bobbleshead (sold individually at the ballpark in 2010).

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