Will the Nationals Let Teddy Win on Strasmas Day?

9 thoughts on “Will the Nationals Let Teddy Win on Strasmas Day?”

  1. Teddy isn’t going to win tomorrow, folks. Perhaps it will be during a playoff game. I’m not sure I want him to win tomorrow. It would make the whole thing even more contrived than it is.

    I am still rooting against Lincoln, though. Lincoln seems to have abandoned all of his minded principles and even-handedness in his Nats Park reincarnation.

  2. Did you ever get an answer from the Nats about if they’ll convert StubHub print-at-home paper versions into “real” hard stock tickets? (I’m mainly thinking of the Strasburg game but it would be terrific if they converted them for other games too. Well worth a nominal service charge, IMO.)

    P.S. Love your website. Go T.R.!

  3. Yes! Just heard official word from the Nats. If you have a print@home e-ticket, the Nats will let you bring it to the service desk behind section 131 to exchange it for a “souvenir” ticket. I don’t know exactly if that’s a normal season ticket or something else, but I’ll be there early to find out.

  4. BTW, I had seen this Twitter exchange:

    “@NatsTix Thank you Nicole!
    about 1 hour ago via Splitweet”

    [??? Then there’s a Watergate tape-like gap: No reply from NatsTix. 😦 Sad.]


    “@LetTeddyWin I know it’s still being talked about but I’m hearing you will probably be able to. I’ll send details when/if I have them.
    7:29 PM Jun 5th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to LetTeddyWin”
    “@NatsTix Thanks I traded in my 6/8 tickets, now need to overpay on StubHub but everything is electronic delivery! Want a real season ticket.
    9:42 PM Jun 5th via Splitweet in reply to NatsTix”

  5. Whoo-hoo! You’re fast! In hindsight I hadn’t even typed my full bit o’ whining before you’d replied to me. THANKS SO MUCH! Love your haiku too at WaPo. 🙂

  6. Please clarify —

    *They’ll reprint even if one is NOT the original purchaser (i.e. bought via StubHub)?

    *Or ONLY if they ARE the original purchaser (and now regret choosing “print-at-home”).

    1. Please don’t.
      I think the field will be crowded enough already. Right fielder might come out and sock ya.

      GO TEDDY!

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