Teddy distracted by a juggling clown

The crowd at Nationals Park still had something to cheer about during Saturday’s 4th inning presidents race. The Nats had a big lead, and their second consecutive blown save extra innings loss to the Florida Marlins would not unfold for another 2 hours.

For Teddy fans, Saturday’s presidents race was equally frustrating for Teddy Roosevelt’s rooters. After running a tight race the night before, Teddy barely got out of the gate Saturday before being distracted by a clown who appeared along the warning track. As the clown dropped his pants and juggled rings, Teddy pranced and clapped, while Abe paced the field to take the tape.

Photo courtesy of Miss Chatter.
Video courtesy of Bree Stevens.

2 Responses

  1. Me and a few friends came down from NYC to see Nationals Park as well as take in the greatest spectacle in sports today, the Presidents’ Race. We were sitting in the Red Cafe seats, yet (at least I) none of us noticed the juggling clown on the warning track.

    Of course, my heart went with Teddy, but I figured Abe would take the race. Good times, indeed.

    Now, if your bullpen can decide to go cold against my Braves (yes, a Braves fan from NYC… oh the horror) instead of against the Marlins.

    Great site. Must buy a shirt.

  2. @Jason LOL thanks for your comments. We agree we’ve got quite the spectacle down here in our little ball park. A Braves fan from NYC? My head hurts with the thought. No I have to keep rooting for our bullpen to keep it together, but thanks for visiting!

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