Teddy Roosevelt scratched, misses presidents race with pulled hamstring

For the second time this month, Teddy Roosevelt was scratched from the Washington Nationals presidents race due to a mysterious pre-game injury.

After watching their team give up seven runs to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the top of the 4th inning, fans at Nationals Park were looking for something positive from the mid-inning presidents race.

Teddy Roosevelt was scratched from the Washington Nationals presidents race with a pulled hamstring.Sadly, Teddy fans learned they had nothing to cheer for when it was announced that he would not be racing because he was “still nursing a hamstring injury.” The news was a surprise, given that the presidents had not raced since the Nats’ last home game on September 10.

With only three presidents racing, George Washington came from behind to claim victory.

Teddy was also scratched mysteriously on September 5, but returned the next night. Let’s hope his return is just as speedy this time.

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Nichols of Nats News Network
Video by YouTube member TheTeddyRoosevelt

Three streaks extended at Nationals Park

The red hot Washington Nationals pulled off another come-from-behind victory today at Nationals Park, keeping their homestand perfect and extending their current winning streak to an improbable six straight games.

Teddy Roosevelt extends his losing streak in the Washington Nationals presidents raceIn the 4th inning presidents race, Teddy Roosevelt looked like he was about to break a streak of his own, taking the lead into the final turn. It looked like he had the victory in hand, but Teddy’s lack of experience crossing the finish line first proved to be his undoing. Teddy leaned forward to break the finish line tape a good 20 paces too early, and as he stumbled forward, Tom and Abe passed him from behind. When all was done, Teddy’s losing streak and Abe’s winning streak were both extended by another game.

Having swept the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Atlanta Braves at home, the Nationals now welcome the slugging Philadelphia Phillies to Nationals Park on Monday for a three-game series. With a sunny, 80-degree forecast for Labor Day and a late afternoon start, I can’t think of a better way to end the summer holiday season.

Photo courtesy of flickr member afagen

Teddy races in dreadlocks to welcome Manny Ramirez to Nationals Park

Manny Ramirez inspired Teddy Roosevelt to run the presidents race in dreadlocksWith Manny Ramirez in town to make his Nationals Park debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Washington Nationals kicked off their nine-game homestand tonight with a Manny-inspired fourth inning tribute.

When Abe, George, Tom, and Teddy were introduced for the Nationals presidents race, Teddy Roosevelt emerged from the centerfield gates wearing a Manny Ramirez-style doo rag and dreadlocks. Urged on by the crowd, Teddy took a quick lead, but found it hard to resist the enthusiastic fans he encountered along the first-base line. When he paused, the other racing presidents quickly passed him. It was tight to the finish, but once again Abe took the tape.

Photo by flickr member Liliang

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