Teddy Wins!

Teddy Wins unsanctioned presidents race vs. Orioles Bird at Nationals ParkTeddy Roosevelt had never won a race at Nationals Park (at least not without being disqualified for cheating); but tonight a packed house got to cheer as our beloved #26 came from behind and crossed the finish line to claim victory in a 1-on-1 grudge match vs. The Bird from Baltimore.

It was a night of firsts, starting with the first Washington Nationals home game since July of 2006 not to feature an official presidents race. The “unsanctioned” event was announced only yesterday, after Teddy was tripped by the Orioles mascot, robbing him of a presidents race victory.

Nationals Park Scoreboard Statistics for Teddy Roosevelt and the Orioles BirdWith the outfield scoreboard displaying the two contestants’ vital statistics (Moustache-span: 2.5 ft), the racers were introduced and Teddy appeared from the centerfield gate draped in an American flag. The Bird got a huge jump out of the gate, but Teddy quickly turned on the afterburners. As they raced past the centerfield wall flashing “TED-DY,” Teddy passed The Bird to run away with it in the home stretch.

It was the unquestioned highlight for Nationals fans in an otherwise depressing 9-1 loss to the Orioles. No, this one doesn’t count in the standings (if there was any doubt, it was removed when the “The Presidents Racing Association of America” announced the fact shortly after the race), but one can hope that Teddy’s come-from-behind victory will serve as momentum and inspiration.

Photo courtesy of flickr user The West End
Video by YouTube users theblackdog2071 and 3031oaktown

8 Responses

  1. Photos en route to the Flickr group now. On a slower internet connection that usual but the upload is underway.

  2. The Oriole Bird should have totally won, I demand that there be a rematch at Camden Yards!

  3. Teddy wins, but photos are on my Facebook page. Details of the game and awful rain will be on http://www.thedcsportspage.com later today.

  4. Personally, I would have love to have seen Teddy chase that obnoxious O’s bird mascot with a shotgun. Teddy would had lost but it would had that overgrown lout of mascot bird right for tripping our President. Oh well, at least Teddy finally won a race.

  5. I don’t know how the kids in the stands would feel, but I must admit that would be much more in character for Teddy Roosevelt!

  6. Here is a great video from right where the Bird Tripped Teddy:

    And here is one of teddy winning:

  7. Thanks. The one from Friday night is on our Presidents Race videos page, and I will add the other one.

  8. Being team mascot for the BALIMORE ORIOLES must be a interesting bird i mean playing a big black and orange bird the fact the BALTIMORE ORIOLE is the state bird of MARYLAND

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