Presidents debut new uniforms for Military Appreciation Day

9 thoughts on “Presidents debut new uniforms for Military Appreciation Day”

  1. Hey anon idiot: Read the article. The TEAM donned new uniforms for the first time, and the racing presidents joined the festivities with new uniforms of their own.

    1. Yeah, the Nationals aren’t exactly setting attendance records, but for some unexplained reason, they have priced those outfield seats much higher than other locations in the Park, and they just don’t sell. They cost 33% more than seats behind the 1st or 3rd baseline. Yes, they are closer down to the field, but they are in the outfield!

  2. It’s time… In 2011 we need more “Let Teddy Win” merchandise from Café Press. If that well has already been tapped try Zazzle for fresh designs. Couldn’t hurt. Just a thought.

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