Video: Nats fans meet Stephen Strasmonkey, who promptly tackles Teddy

Teddy Roosevelt learned Tuesday night that what happens in Harrisburg doesn’t necessarily stay in Harrisburg.

With the team in Philadelphia last weekend, the Nationals’ racing presidents made their own road trip to Harrisburg’s Metro Bank Park, where the Class-AA Senators were hosting the Trenton Thunder for a 3-game series.

Washington Nationals Racing Presidents at Harrisburg Senators Metro Bank Park, photo by Gary CaveHarrisburg Senators racing monkey Steve tackles Washington Nationals president Teddy Roosevelt at the Harrisburg Senators' Metro Bank ParkHarrisburg Senators racing monkey Steve tackles Teddy RooseveltGeorge, Tom, Abe, and Teddy greeted fans and ran races during all three games, but the proceedings quickly turned contentious, as George Washington knocked out the Senators’ mascot Rascal during a 3rd-inning dance Friday night. Later, Senators racing monkeys Bingo, Bongo, and Steve ran onto the field and tackled Teddy Roosevelt just short of the finish line.

Flash forward to Tuesday night, where the racing presidents were ready to put their Harrisburg troubles behind them, and ditch their road greys for blue patriotic home uniforms.

Roosevelt in particular looked very much in his comfort zone, as #26 jumped out to a big lead in the fourth-inning race. With the crowd cheering what appeared to be a sure victory, racing monkey Steve appeared from the stands in section 133 wearing a Stephen Strasburg jersey.

Teddy bounced off the monkey and appeared to have withstood the attack, but lost his balance and fell on his back as Abe Lincoln raced past him to claim victory.

Slo-mo take-down below.

Harrisburg photos by Flickr member Gary Cave and by Mick Reinhard/The Sports Burger. Videos courtesy of YouTube member lfahome.

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