Video: Grounds crew pummels presidents. Teddy wins again. Nats don’t.

For the third time since his historic first win last week, Teddy Roosevelt scored a victory in the Washington Nationals postseason presidents race.

Grounds Crew Attack racing presidentsUnfortunately, after the St. Louis Cardinals completed the biggest comeback in MLB playoff elimination game history, the race would prove to be Teddy’s last of the season.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln did their best to prevent Teddy’s win, ambushing him on the outfield warning track, with George Washington knocking him to the ground and Abe taunting him as they ran past him.

The race carried on with Teddy doubled over on the warning track, but as the other presidents entered the home stretch along the first base line, members of the Nationals grounds crew left their positions and attacked, mercilessly.

As the grounds crew pummeled his opponents, an inspired Teddy Roosevelt caught up and passed them to win what would be the final presidents race of the season.

UPDATE: Here’s the finish line video. Note the joy with which the grounds crew pounds the racing presidents. One gets the sense that they are unleashing seven years of pent up October Natitude:

With the Nationals out of contention for 2012, Teddy’s fans are wondering what the team has in store for him. Rumors have run rampant about Teddy’s retirement (which the mascot denies), and about the possibility of adding new presidents to the mix.

3 Responses

  1. I hope you’re happy. You got your wish, Teddy won, and now we have the Curse of Teddy. Especially after that Game 5 collapse. Seriously, I hope you all are happy.

  2. Maybe Teddy should have pitch as well? Also to reply to Mike, really blame Teddy for this? They were playing a team who twice was one strike from losing the World Series and came behind to win. The Cards just did it again. Hey, you guys had a great season. The Nats have a bright future.

  3. @Mike – There’s no curse of Teddy. A curse would be if they hadn’t won a single game after he won, that’s not what happened it was just normal playoff ups and downs. Enjoyed the ride and really enjoyed Teddy winning, it made me and everyone I know smile.

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