2 thoughts on “Natitude”

  1. Unless they’ve done a major upgrade, the cacophany still lives all over the ballpark, with the old font “Nationals” still atop the scoreboard in huge letters and loads of the old baseball logos in various places, plus the giant baseball that was supposed to rise out of the Red Loft was never installed because the Lerners didn’t want to buy it.

    That said, it’s a simple formula in DC: Win games and people will come to the park and pretend they’ve been with the team since 2005. Put a losing product out there and they’ll stay home to watch The Voice. That’s the real Natitude.

  2. There are a few remnants of the old logo, but for the record, I believe that big baseball was a placeholder in the design for Nationals Park, and remains a carrot being held out for a potential naming rights sponsor. Of course, that all fell apart indefinitely when the economy collapsed, but at some point, don’t be surprised if the stadium gets a new name and the Red Loft gets crowned with a giant beer bottle (or worse).

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