Nats release tickets to Phillies series for DC fans only

4 thoughts on “Nats release tickets to Phillies series for DC fans only”

  1. Hahahaha you National fans are pathetic!! No matter what you do, we will always take over your ballpark. Oh yea, I live in MD. Looks like that’s 24 tickets going to Phillies fans!!

  2. I think the promotion achieved what it set out to do. Nobody restricted Phillies fans from buying tickets. What the Nationals did prevent was large blocks of tickets being sold to groups from Philadelphia before tickets went on sale to the general public. That’s what happened in previous years. Local fans couldn’t get tickets because they had been sold out previously to out of town groups.

    Those groups from Philly are still allowed to buy tickets, but this year they had to wait until after the tickets were made available to the general public. I’m sure there will be loads of Phillies fans at Nationals Park next month (please come and bring your wallet too!), but it’s less likely they’ll be grouped in large blocks, taking over whole sections.

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