Jayson Werth: “It’s bigger than me, man. It’s bigger than me.”

Jayson Werth says its bigger than meThat Cat interferes with the presidents race at Nationals ParkThat Cat tackles Teddy Roosevelt in the Washington Nationals presidents raceThat Cat takes down Teddy Roosevelt in the Washington Nationals Presidents raceThomas Jefferson wins the Washington Nationals presidents race

Saturday’s presidents race coup attempt by Jayson Werth stirred up expectations for more 4th-inning fireworks during Sunday’s home season finale at Nationals Park.

After Werth proclaimed that ““If Teddy can’t win, then no one wins,” speculation was rampant that one of two things would happen: either the Nats would succumb to popular pressure, or Werth would make a third attempt to secure a Bull Moose victory on his own.

But just before Sunday’s first pitch, Werth was asked privately about his plans, and his answer revealed all readers need to know about the anti-Teddy conspiracy in the Nationals front office.

“It’s bigger than me, man. It’s bigger than me,” he said, shaking his head. “I gave it my best shot.”

Whatever talking-to Werth received from Nationals management, and despite any assurances he gave them, it was clear nonetheless when Sunday’s race began that they weren’t taking any chances on another coup attempt in the season finale.

As the presidents were being introduced, the Nationals trotted out That Cat to patrol the first base line, flexing his muscles as if to dare Teddy to try to cross his path. Momma Screech stood by as well, in case reinforcements were needed.

As added protection against another right field revolt, the Nats moved the finish line to the third base side. After Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt began their usual route, Jefferson came out and bolted the other way towards left field and the new finish line.

As That Cat took down Tom, Abe, and Teddy in succession, Thomas Jefferson cruised across the tape uncontested.

Tom’s victory moved him into an improbable and first-ever season-ending tie with Abe Lincoln for the 2011 presidents race crown. If not for Werth’s antics on Saturday, Jefferson would have had the opportunity to win the title outright.

Meanwhile, the team’s rebuke of Werth is a rude awakening for Teddy fans who had hoped for an end to the conspiracy. After 441 races, the Rough Rider will enter the 2012 season without a single win, and the powers that be at the Nationals appear hell-bent on keeping it that way.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

9 Responses

  1. The Teddy always losing ceased being funny or interesting a long time ago. It’s associated with the Natuonals being a losing, Mickey Mouse organization. Those days are ending, so this should end forever on opening day 2012. From then on, Teddy needs to be just one of four guys that wins every now and then. Enough is enough.

  2. Steve, you suck, and are ignorant.

  3. Stupid race gimmicks ever this weekend. time to end the President’s Race! Winning teams do not have in game hosts, scoreboard schtick and stupid mascots…in the words of Kevin Millar…Cowboy UP Nats Fans!

    • That’s not so, Roy Harper. As a phan of your great nemesis to the north, I can assure you, we are a winning team, and we have a stupid mascot. I like the President’s Race. I like the Teddy always loses gimmick. I think it’s endearing, and it builds suspense for the day when they finally will let him win. Maybe if you losers ever finish over .500, they will celebrate by letting Teddy win! Remember to watch us in October, I know Jayson Werth will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hey anonymous Hoagiesmoker, how did that Four Aces thing work out for your Phillies in 2011?! Join the 29 teams of “losers.” Get comfortable. You’re sitting at home too, just as ringless, but it looks like you arrogant Phans are ones bruised, battered and humiliated, bawling your wittle eyes out. 🙂

        “Watch us in October”? Yes, we watched the Phillies alright. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Teddy laughs at you. Go troll somewhere else next time.

  4. I don’t know why people get so worked up. I support anything that brings the casual (or non-) baseball fan to the park.

  5. I agree with Steve. Enough of losing. Other team’s mascots race without a perennial loser. I wanted to see the entire team take things into their own hands, and hold down all the other Presidents and characters and carry Teddy across the winning line – no matter where it was. From now own the race would be like any other, with occasional ‘fun’ impeding any and all of the presidents evenly. It is a bad joke and it needs to end. Let Teddy Win – not just once, but as often as he can.

  6. do you guys ever think Teddy and the President’s are NOT FOR ADULTS? get over yourselves. enjoy the game. the President’s have NOTHING to do with the losing on the field. They are there for the kids and 90 secs of entertainment.

    times are changing in baseball. if you don’t like what the Nats do during the ingame promo’s don’t come to the stadium. go up to B-more, it’s a lot quieter there anyways

  7. Werth is and was right. Full frontal assault next season. Count coup on Screech, pick up and move Teddy past the finish line and declare “V” victory!

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