Presidents Race Results: The Readers Take Over

The Washington Nationals racing presidents at Nationals ParkI am en route to London, where needless to say we are unable to attend the Nationals six-game homestand that starts tonight vs. the Marlins and Diamondbacks. As we did for one homestand last summer, rather than recruit somebody to update the blog, we’re going to ask the loyal Let Teddy Win readers to take over!

Going to Nationals Park? Please leave a comment on this blog post with your reports describing what happened in the presidents race (be sure to mention the date).

Got photos? Add them to the Flickr presidents race group, or on our Facebook page. When we return we’ll update the Presidents Race Standings page with all the results!

Photo by flickr member afagen

4 Responses

  1. Did Teddy have an arm sling and a bandage over his eye last night at the race? That damned pierogie was very rude leveling him in Pittsburg. I hope the Presidents discontinue their trip to Pittsburg in the future.

  2. From Cheryl Rush Nichols re Tuesday night’s race in which Teddy wore bandages and held up a sign saying “I (heart) PTI”: “It was a close race and Tom tripped and fell. Abe won. Teddy had
    band-aid on forehead and sling on arm – assume from Pittsburgh
    injuries. 🙂

    Then after race, Teddy held up sign that said “I heart PTI” because
    Tony Kornheiser was in Prez Club.

  3. Abe wins again on Wednesday night 8/5

  4. From Cheryl Rush Nichiols re Saturday’s race: Tom won and Teddy was the Lone Ranger with Glenn Donnellan playing theme song on his violin bat.

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