Presidents Race Results: The Readers Take Over

4 thoughts on “Presidents Race Results: The Readers Take Over”

  1. Did Teddy have an arm sling and a bandage over his eye last night at the race? That damned pierogie was very rude leveling him in Pittsburg. I hope the Presidents discontinue their trip to Pittsburg in the future.

  2. From Cheryl Rush Nichols re Tuesday night’s race in which Teddy wore bandages and held up a sign saying “I (heart) PTI”: “It was a close race and Tom tripped and fell. Abe won. Teddy had
    band-aid on forehead and sling on arm – assume from Pittsburgh
    injuries. 🙂

    Then after race, Teddy held up sign that said “I heart PTI” because
    Tony Kornheiser was in Prez Club.

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