Presidents Race Results: The Readers Take Over

13 thoughts on “Presidents Race Results: The Readers Take Over”

  1. Why all the biased towards this famous president? I’m sick of this running gag. Letting Teddy Win would not dignify victory.

  2. TUESDAY JULY 29 GAME VS. THE PHILLIES — Report from inside Nationals Park says the panther in the “That Cat” shirt returned, but this time Screech provided Teddy’s undoing! Teddy had a big lead but as they were running the panther came out from the Presidents Club section and started hanging out behind the Nat Pack girls at the finish line. When Screech saw That Cat he started running away towards the presidents and the panther chased Screech. Screech wasn’t looking and ran into Teddy, knocking him down. George passed them and broke Abe’s winning streak.

  3. Thursday – July 31: Abe won and Teddy came in 2nd. Thomas Jefferson took an enormous early race lead. However, he stopped when he spotted Martha Washington in the crowd and started to flirt with her. Needles to say, George Washington was not happy so he tackled Tom enabling Abe and Teddy to run passed them.

  4. Saturday, August 2: Tom won. Teddy didn’t even cross the finish line – he started out in 4th, and when he saw how far ahead the others were, he quit in disgust, just a few feet from the finish line!

  5. Also for the 8/2/08 race, it was a photo finish between Jefferson and Washington, with Jefferson pulling of the win at the tape.

  6. Sunday, August 3: The crowd roared when Teddy took an early lead! Teddy got distracted by the panda & stopped to chat & dance (which later made the hi-lite video)! Once again, Teddy never crossed the finish line! Abe went on to win.

  7. What a stupid ‘gag’. I normally wouldn’t get excited over a mascot race but this bit is a disgrace to our greatest president who would have bitch-slapped the anyone in the Nationals org in reality. I’d like to get a team together to close-line the other participants of this stupid insulting gag…see how funny that is!

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