Vote for the Racing Presidents in the MLB Mascot Brackets

5 thoughts on “Vote for the Racing Presidents in the MLB Mascot Brackets”

  1. Wooot, this just in: Our lovable mascots (including Teddy) have moved out in front with 51% of the vote total (which is less than a total of 300 total votes cast). Y’all gotta stand up, cheer and be counted! Do go vote to keep this rally going lest we fall in the 7th inning. Voting is on until Midnight 8/8/2008.

  2. Voting is now closed and the final results are in. With 371 votes cast and to borrow a political phrase since we live in Washington, it’s our racing Presidents in a landslide. The Racing Presidents doubled up on the Swinging Friar 75% to 25%. No word on who the Racing Presidents will face next but most likely they will be up against the Phillie Phanatic. He managed to inch out a win against Southpaw, the mascot of the White Sox.

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