The Bull Moose Party is back, just in time for the holidays

If you’re like most Americans, you’re facing two big decisions right now: 1) what to get friends and family for the holidays, and 2) which political party to support in 2012.

I’m happy to report that Teddy Roosevelt’s Progressive Bull Moose Party is back to solve both of these problems.

Bull Moose Party 2012 Let Teddy WinTeddy Roosevelt  Jayson Werth Bull Moose Party 2012 T-Shirt from LetTeddyWin.comBull Moose EarringsBull Moose Laptop SkinInspired by Let Teddy Win supporter Jayson Werth, who tried twice to interfere with the presidents race on Teddy’s behalf before famously declaring “I must be the last remaining member of the Bull Moose party,” we introduce an entire new Bull Moose Party section at

Remarkably, 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the Progressive Party, founded by Teddy Roosevelt and nicknamed the “Bull Moose Party” after Roosevelt was shot in a failed assassination attempt and later declared “I’m fit as a bull moose!”

The party was formed by the popular former president to challenge his successor, fellow Republican William Howard Taft, whom he feared had drifted too far to the right.

Among other things, the Progressive platform of 1912 promoted social insurance, disclosure of campaign contributions, registration of lobbyists, and government regulation of the securities industry. Yes, some things haven’t changed much in 100 years.

The Bull Moose Party 2012 section is filled with new designs and items promoting a simpler platform for 2012: “Let Teddy Win!”

New items at the shop include jewelry, christmas ornaments, clocks, laptop skins, iPad covers, water bottles, nightshirts, pajamas, baby items and much more including, of course, lots of t-shirts in all shapes and sizes.

It’s been nearly two years since I last mentioned the store, so with over 150 new items, it seemed worth a post. As always, your purchases support this blog with a markup of a few dollars, sometimes less. I wish Cafepress prices were lower, but everything is backed by their no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee.

StampDatTeddyA side note: It’s gratifying to see our readers wearing Let Teddy Win! gear at Nationals Park. The movement is strong, but oddly, our t-shirts have started showing up in some strange places. Who is this guy? (Warning: misogynist video not suitable for children).

UPDATE: CafePress has a coupon code FB50 which can be used today for free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

Jayson Werth tells the Post he’s not joking

In this Redskins-obsessed sports community, it’s fair to say that many people locally haven’t paid close attention to the Nationals’ amazing September.

Jayson Werth blocks Thomas Jefferson in the presidents race - Photo by Chris TatemSo it’s also not surprising that when people hear about Jayson Werth’s attempt to interfere with the presidents race, many who weren’t there assume it was a scripted gag.

But as we’ve known since May, Werth again made it clear to the Washington Post’s Adam Kilgore that he is a serious member of the Let Teddy Win movement.

The self-proclaimed “last member of the Bull Moose Party” is passionate about putting an end to any remnants of what he saw as “an expectancy of losing,” and while he believes the team has turned the corner, he sees Teddy’s losing streak as a remnant of that mentality.

“It was a joke on some levels, but on some levels not,” Werth told Kilgore. “There’s an expectancy of losing there. It goes back to the first month of the season when we won two games in a row and [a reporter] asked me about the two-game winning streak. It’s like, ‘No.’ That whole thing had to stop. That had to stop in a big way. When an organization or a team is really young and is coming from many losing seasons, it starts to get ingrained. I’m not saying that I’m the one who changed it. It’s got to be a conscious effort on everybody’s part. But I definitely wasn’t complacent when I saw that happening.”

It’s safe to say that Werth won’t be interfering with the presidents race again, but here’s hoping our new favorite National doesn’t drop his membership in the Bull Moose party. If Werth can recruit more players and fans to the cause, and the team does well, perhaps the pressure will build for the Nationals to let Teddy win in the 2012 season.

Photo courtesy of Flickr member Chris Tatem

Jayson Werth calls for a Teddy Roosevelt victory on Sunday

Jayson Werth - Photo APAfter trying to interfere on Teddy Roosevelt’s behalf for the second day in a row, Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth made clear his intentions.

“If Teddy can’t win, no one wins,” Werth said in the postgame press conference Saturday at Nationals Park, adding “I must be the last remaining member of the Bull Moose party, I guess.”

On whether Saturday’s ambush was planned, Werth said “I can’t really comment. When you stage a coup, it’s better to keep it quiet.”

Will the Nationals finally heed Werth’s wishes and let the team start the 2012 season without Teddy’s curse hanging over them?

“Let’s just say it’s Teddy Roosevelt’s last stand of the Rough Riders,” Werth said.

Sunday is their last chance this season to break the curse. What better gift on Fan Appreciation Day?


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