Washington Nationals Summer Baseball Camp announced

Washington Nationals Baseball Summer CampThe Nationals have opened enrollment for a one week Youth Baseball Summer Camp program for children “of all abilities” age 5 to 13. The program will run four times this summer, with locations in DC, Bethesda, and McLean.

The $499 fee includes a week of professional on-field instruction, a field trip to Nationals Park on a Major League charter bus, a “VIP” tour of Nationals Park including on-field access and the chance to meet a player and get an autograph, and an official Nationals uniform including hat, jersey, pants, socks and belt.

Campers will also have the chance to participate in Baseball Skills Olympics, Home Run Derbies, Fielding and Throwing contests, and an on-field “camper reunion” at a home game later in the season.

Enrollment is now open at Nationals.com.

Photo:Washington Nationals

2 Responses

  1. That is very expensive for a young child at $495. I checked in to this and no Nats players participate in the camp even though they make it sound like they do. You have an “opportunity” to meet a Nats player at the stadium. Also 150 kids in each session is large for a young child.

  2. I second the fact about the cost. My child may never see or have a chance to discuss anything with a player from the Nationals and 150 kids is a lot of actually get anything out of the camp. This camp actually uses the Nationals name and really seems to be a carbon copy of a camp that actually featured players interacting with the kids outside of the stadium in bethesda. While my child did not attend, I had kids in my sons class that said they had a chance to actually speak with Roger Bernadina and spend time with him for more than five minutes at the stadium before a game.

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