Washington Nationals Summer Baseball Camp announced

2 thoughts on “Washington Nationals Summer Baseball Camp announced”

  1. That is very expensive for a young child at $495. I checked in to this and no Nats players participate in the camp even though they make it sound like they do. You have an “opportunity” to meet a Nats player at the stadium. Also 150 kids in each session is large for a young child.

  2. I second the fact about the cost. My child may never see or have a chance to discuss anything with a player from the Nationals and 150 kids is a lot of actually get anything out of the camp. This camp actually uses the Nationals name and really seems to be a carbon copy of a camp that actually featured players interacting with the kids outside of the stadium in bethesda. While my child did not attend, I had kids in my sons class that said they had a chance to actually speak with Roger Bernadina and spend time with him for more than five minutes at the stadium before a game.

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