Jayson Werth joins the “Let Teddy Win” movement

Reporters who cover the Nationals have been buzzing about Jayson Werth’s comments following Wednesday’s game in Milwaukee.

After the outfielder’s suggestions that things had to change drew a mix of speculation and ridicule from the press, Werth chose to clarify after tonight’s game at Nationals Park.

As reported by Mark Zuckerman at Nats Insider, Werth pointed to the attitude both on and off the field. “”There’s more to it than [just needing to win games],” Werth said. “If you want to start talking about it, we can talk about it. I mean, why doesn’t Teddy get to win?”

We agree, Jayson! If the team wants to avoid a culture of losing, then why continue to perpetuate a great U.S. president as both a representative of the team, and a comical, lovable loser? It’s time to Let Teddy Win!

What do you think?

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