New Screech is leaner, but not meaner

When the Washington Nationals announced last week that mascot Screech would be getting a new look, I had high hopes that Screech might lose the baby bird look and get, well… a little meaner. After all, it’s been documented that more menacing mascots lead to team success in the NFL — why not baseball?

New-Screech-Washington-NationalsToday, Screech gets leaner, but unfortunately not meaner. The svelt new Screech will make his official debut this afternoon at ESPN Zone in DC, but he gave a sneak preview appearance on Fox 5 DC this morning. As promised, Screech has grown up since his hatching in 2005. The new “double-zero” sports a slim Nationals jersey, red Curly W sneakers, and a hat which is surprisingly removable. The baby fat is gone, but the huge smiling beak isn’t exactly going to intimidate anybody.

New Screech definitely stands taller than baby Screech, but that permanent grin is no competition for Teddy’s.


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  1. Looks like he got some ‘roids from A-R*d.

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