’s Inside Baseball calls presidents race a conspiracy

Today over at, Inside Baseball’s Joe Lemire throws a nod to, calling the Washington Nationals presidents race an “apparent conspiracy,” and quotes Nationals pitcher Joel Hanrahan, who predicts that Teddy Roosevelt will never win: “No, never. Absolutely not. I gave up watching that race. I can’t take it any more. At least give me an effort, will you?”

The “Spring Postcard” column is a worthy read for Nationals fans, most notably for Lemire’s account of Assistant General Manager Mike Rizzo’s week in the Dominican Republic.

2 Responses

  1. I have to agree with Hanrahan,; enough is enough already. Maybe once it was a surprise to wonder how Teddy would lose but it was certain he would lose.

    Now it’s just so sad, so sad. I can’t enjoy any skit where the result is so certain. It’s painful to know Teddy’s face is going to be shoved into the mud again and again. I’d feel the same way about any of the other Presidents as well.

    The cheating by Abe, George and Tom and Screech just shame our county’s history and baseball as well. I can’t take it anymore…

  2. I’m wondering if this conspiracy would fall under the Federal RICO Act???

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