Consider Parking This Weekend at Nationals Park

3 thoughts on “Consider Parking This Weekend at Nationals Park”

  1. I’ve driven around SE before and during a game, and traffic isn’t even that big of a problem. I’ve also driven around oodles of empty parking lots. I think the parking garage may be the only thing that fills up. I’m with you – I’m tired of the false hype.

  2. I have to agree, we drove to the game today (Sunday, 87% full stadium). Other than a few delays due to rolling thunder, the drive in from virginia was painless, and we were out of there in no time.

    We bought our parking passes in advance through the nats web site, but now I see them on stubhub for less than we paid.

  3. I had not considered StubHub before but you are right. I see that people are selling parking passes there in some cases for less than the cost of the $15.00 HH Lot. Great tip!

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