Parking at Nationals Park? Piece of Cake!

3 thoughts on “Parking at Nationals Park? Piece of Cake!”

  1. My family and I love lot HH and have been parking there since they stopped the parking at RFK. We walk with our 7 year old and 4 year old to the stadium. It takes about 15 minutes, but is worth the price and ease of exit when the game is over. The Nats did not renew their contract with lot HH, but parking is still available for $10/game. I’ve spoken with the owner of the lot and parking and security is available for every game, even though it’s not listed by the Nats. I highly recommend!

    1. True! I spoke with the owners of the lot and their attendance is down now that the Nats don’t advertise the lot. Apparently the Nats wanted their employees to be able to park there without compensating the owner fairly so the Nats didn’t renew with them. So help out the lot owners and just let your friends know!

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